Bear Update!

Processed with VSCO with f3 preset
Processed with VSCO with f3 preset

It’s been a while since I’ve done one of these so here we goooooo….

Weight: 39.5

Height: 39.6 (Yeah, he’s a part of the 40/40 club)

Loves: pizza, French fries, chicken nuggets, chocolate milk, chocolate chip cookies, apple juice, lemonade, and boba drinks. He loves fruit popsicles, and lollipops. He has a very close relationship with our cat, Sushi.


Dislikes: Carrots (never liked them in infancy), Disney (rather neutral), small dogs.

Favorite cartoons/shows: Thomas the Train, Cat in the Hat, Dinosaur Train, Odd Squad, Mother Goose Club, and a few cartoons on the JimJam network (Russian-based). He also really likes watching YouTube Kids.


What’s new?: As I mentioned before, Bear started preschool and he’s doing very well in it! He’s going twice a week but will start three times a week early next year. He’s been speaking a lot more as a result.


The good: He knows his numbers, and alphabet. He can speak in two-three word sentences.

The bad: He refuses to potty train so still in diapers. Hopefully, we can attempt around his birthday or shortly afterward.


You’re Still Doing That?: Still nursing and co-sleeping. We hope to move Bear to his own room early next year. Even when he’s fallen asleep in another room, he’ll wake up and come to our bed. Here’s hoping!



2 thoughts on “Bear Update!

  1. Only tip I can give for potty training is to have him in the house naked. When he has to go, he will realize there is nothing to catch it. Might end up on the floor once or twice but it was easier to show my step son how to use the toilet once he recognized the need.

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