This is Why Tangles Out Today Is A Miracle On Your Type 4 Hair

Today’s natural hair product review comes from Tangles Out Today. Originally I purchased this for Bear’s hair but as I applied it, I realized it was quite heavy for his Type 3 hair. I used it on my Type 4 hair and well, it was PERFECT!  Let’s get started with the review:



It’s a spray. Nice and light. There are several oils in this spray, so while it is light, it is a little thick.

This is after several pumps of spray into my hand.


Very light. Honestly, there really isn’t that much of a smell. Not heavy which is good if you have a sensitive nose like I do.


Cheap! I paid $7.95 for this.


The Routine:

I would typically use this after I shampooed/conditioned or co-washed my hair. If I haven’t done neither of those, I would saturate my hair with just plain water.

The Result:

I really love the curl definition of this. Though it’s meant for children, it worked wonders on my adult hair!

Here’s an outside view:


The Review:


  • Affordable! I paid less than $10 for this.
  • Nice and light, though it is a bit oily.
  • Even though it’s meant for children, I found it worked great on my hair.
  • This is absolutely PERFECT for Type 4 hair!
  • I found it at my local beauty supply store, but it’s also available at Amazon here.


  • Not meant for Type 2 or Type 3 hair. Too oily and will weigh it down.
  • It might be hard to find locally.
  • You will have to pump a lot to get the spray out.

In conclusion, I do recommend Tangles Out Today if you have Type 4 hairGrab some today!


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