DIY Makeup Brush Cleanser And It Doesn’t Suck!

Because real talk, you already have the products at home.

For years, I’ve spent money on this makeup brush cleaner and that one. But before I go any further, this is a friendly reminder that you need to be cleaning your makeup brushes and sponges on a regular basis. Like every week.

It’ll make your makeup brushes last longer and plus, you won’t get breakouts on your face.

So, anyway…

I’ve been researching for a different makeup brush cleaner for a while but as I’m becoming a bit more health-conscientious I really don’t want too many chemicals on my brushes if I’m going to be regularly using them on my face. I searched online for homemade cleaners and found one that works for me.

And it only uses three ingredients:

Seriously: water, vinegar, and dish soap!

And all of these ingredients, chances are, you have at your disposal. No need to go to Ulta or Sephora do it.

The recipe is:

1 cup of warm water

1 Tbsp of dish soap

1 Tbsp of vinegar

Mix it all up and clean your brushes!

Some recipes recommend to soak the brushes but I didn’t and they came out very clean.

Let’s take a look:


And then…after!

End result:

Side view.
Up close.

Have you tried a home recipe to clean your brushes? How did it turn out?


The Cheap and Vegan Beauty Product You’re Not Using

I have very dry skin. I mean, it’s super dry. When I don’t moisturize, my skin feels cracked and old. And if I miss my feet, it looks like I was playing kickball with flour.

I decided for this unprecedented heatwave the entire nation is experiencing, I needed to go way back to the basics of skin care. Instead of slithering myself with the best overpriced lotion money could buy, I need to just K.I.S.S it – keep it simple, stupid.

Enter Petroleum jelly.

Now, there’s a debate if petroleum jelly really is vegan. Because all it contains is petroleum jelly and that’s it, it does qualify as vegan. However, if you’re vegan for environmental or ethical reasons, this product is not for you, as some manufacturers (most notably, Vaseline) tests on animals.

Now, that’s out of the way, let’s talk about the benefits of petroleum jelly:

It softens and moisturizes your skin all damn day.

This is a big one because again, my skin gets really dry and no matter how much water I consume, it’s still pretty dry. I need constant moisture and I don’t want to keep reapplying lotion. Petroleum jelly is perfect for this.

*However, caution: what you don’t want to do is use petroleum jelly as lubrication of any kind. Because it’s a sticky base, and sex can get rather sticky, it won’t end well with petroleum jelly as a lubricant. Infections will only be the beginning of your problems.

It helps remove eye makeup.

This is my favorite use for it. No matter how many fancy washcloths I buy, petroleum jelly seems to do it best. I no longer have sexy raccoon eyes at the end of the night.

It’s great for diaper rash.

You really don’t need to buy the fancy diaper rash creams when this one is not only last longer, but it’s also cheaper. And we all know how expensive babies can be!

It’s great for chapped lips.

I always keep some form of Chapstick on me. However, if that’s not available, I always just put a small amount of petroleum jelly on my lips. It keeps them soft, kissable, and moisturized.

It helps make your perfume or cologne lasts longer.

Personally, I like spraying perfume on my clothing instead of on me because I think it might last longer on my clothes. However, spraying some perfume on you (only three sprays, please), with the added bonus of petroleum jelly will make the scent last longer as it’s used as a base.

It can help you get ready for sandal season.

Petroleum jelly helps soothe cracked heels. I walk a lot so I get cracked heels more than I would like. I often put some petroleum jelly on them and sometimes if weather permits, sleep in socks to get the extra moisture of them.

It helps protect your hair when you dye or put creamy crack on it.

Now, for those new to my blog, creamy crack is an euphemism for a relaxer. I stop wearing relaxers about five years ago and haven’t looked back. However, I still dye my hair on a regular basis because ain’t no grey hairs in this bih…

Anyway! Putting a thin layer of petroleum jelly around your edges will make your dye and relaxers go easier. It adds a protective barrier so the chemicals will not seep down into your eyes or down your ears or back.

Have you tried petroleum jelly? What do you think of it?

To purchase any petroleum jelly for yourself, just click on the pictures!

These Products Will Help You Have a Hot Mom Summer

Rapper Meg Thee Stallion coined the phrase, ‘Hot Girl Summer’ and it’s 2019’s new slang phrase like “bling” was back in the early 2000s. I’m personally glad people have started to retire lit because some of y’all weren’t even saying it right.

Anyway, this post is how to have a Hot Mom Summer. The products I’m recommending are affordable (and a few are FREE!) and it’ll just give you an extra perk in your twerk. Ready? Let’s goooooo!


Yassss, queen! Water! With climate change being a real feckin’ thing, you best believe you need some water in that bod. I’m not talking a sip; you better be downing a few glasses of that jawn. It’ll clear up your skin, aid in weight loss, and most importantly, it’ll keep you hydrated!

Burt Bee’s Conditioning Lip Scrub

Chapped lips aren’t not the business. There are plenty of lip scrubs on the market nowadays but this gem is so amazing. It’s not too hard on your lips and you don’t have to use very much, which is great on your wallet!

Burt Bee’s Ultra Conditioning Lip Balm with Kokum Butter

This is my new favorite because my lips get super chapped and dry very quickly. Sometimes, I don’t want to wear any lip gloss and just go almost bare. This ensures my lips will be kissable and smooth for a long while.

Body Lava by Fenty Beauty

I have raved about this before and I’ll rave about it for years. You’ll only need a few pumps (really, two) and it’ll give you coverage that’ll last all day. Your skin will be smooth and shimmering. What’s hotter than that?

It comes in different shades, too! Get you some!

Praline by NYX

This is my new favorite go-to lip gloss. Not only is it easy to glide on but girl, it’s cheap! And it lasts a long time!

It Cosmetics Confidence In a Cream

I’m still on the fence recommending this, though it has worked wonders for my skin. While it’s super rich and creamy, and you really don’t have to use very much, it’s also chalkfull of a ton of ingredients. The major ones are collagen and hyaluronic acid, which has been proven to make the skin more supple and in return, youthful-looking.


No, really. Get your butt outside and get some Vitamin D. Being outside is good for you not just physically, but mentally. Breathe in the fresh air. Listen to the different sounds. Embrace nature. Enjoy life. You only get one.

Father’s Day Beauty Gifts That Don’t Suck

I think as a society, we have evolved in just giving coffee mugs and ridiculous ties to the fathers in our lives. I have to admit, I used to be guilty of just that. After all, I knew my dad liked coffee and he sometimes wore a tie.

Now, while I will include the aforementioned gifts in this post, I think we should explore other things for our special men. Let’s go!

Jack Black’s Beard Grooming Kit


My hubby has a beard and while it’s easy for him to take care of because it’s rather small, some men might need a bit more work with theirs. I bought this for Maks a few years ago and not only does it last a long time, but it’s made his beard very soft and manageable.

You can get Jack Black’s beard care at Amazon, Sephora, Ulta, and Target. The retail price is $35.00.

Oyin Handmade’s Smooth Operator


So let’s say the special man in your life does have detangling issues with his beard and he’ll need a little more help. Oyin Handmade has a solution for you. This works on all beard types and will leave your man looking smoother than a Barry White record.

Oyin Handmade is available on Amazon and it’s retail site. It’s a black-owned company.

Barber’s Pro Gentleman’s Sheet Mask Duo



Men wearing masks have become all of the Instagram rage. Whether they’re actually taking care of their skin or they’re just doing it for the ‘Gram, remains to be seen. However, if the man in your life is serious about having great skin, a good option is Gentleman’s Sheet Mask.

Not only is it formulated to take care of a man’s needs (not sure what that means but I digress), but it’s also facial hair friendly. Don’t let the price fool you – this is a splurge as many facial masks are under $5.00.

At Nordstrom, for two, you’ll pay $17.00 without tax. At Amazon, you’ll pay under $10.00 without tax.

Acqua Di Gio Pour Homme – Giorgio Armani


This is one of my favorite scents that Maks wears and by the high ratings of it, a lot of other women love that scent as well. Its woodsy scent is a guaranteed heartbreaker for any man who wears it. It will also guarantee any woman to become full aware of a man who smells wonderful.

Available at Target, WalMart, Amazon, Ulta, Sephora, and Macy’s.

Connaisseur Paris


You probably never heard of this brand and they’ve been around for a while, though they’re relatively new to me. They’re also black-owned.

They have a wide range of luxury items for any man to wear, regardless of race. I personally like their tie collection (but no men I personally know wear ties!). Check them out and give them a browse (and your dollars!)

Dapper Black Box


What if your man is into subscription boxes but is trying to find the right one for him? Dapper Black Box will guarantee your man will love what he gets every month and even if he doesn’t love it, he can always share with some friends or family members. Dapper Black Box is also black-owned.


Now let’s just say the man in your life is very much a minimalist. He doesn’t do cufflinks, he doesn’t do high-end beauty products. In fact, you’re not sure when’s the last time he actually bought more clothing.

In that case, a gift card will just suffice. Seriously. Why go through all of the headache of trying to figure out what he wants when a gift card will just do the same thing.

I hope all of the fathers have an amazing Father’s Day! xoxoxo


Forever 21 Finds

I know, I know, I know…maybe my old ass shouldn’t be shopping at Forever 21.

I’m not trying to be like one of those “cool moms” who’s trying to be hip and cool. Sometimes, I just like a good deal.

And buy 2, get one free for any jewelry is a pretty good deal.

Yo, check these out!


This reminds me of the old-school door-knocker earrings from way back when. These are plastic instead which is why it’s so cheaper. But look how dope these are? Only $6.


I have 7 piercings in my ears and I like to wear earrings in all of the holes if possible. I can’t really wear studs all of the time because they sometimes bother my ears. But these hoops are super cute! $6.


One of my BFF’s, Ricci, is a style maven. She can accessorize, figure out the craziest lipstick color and she could rock it like no one’s business, and just be a hip diva all around. I couldn’t find a third pair of earrings that spoke to me, but I picked these up for her. #FREE

So, there you have it. I don’t go into Forever 21 to still prove I’m down with the Underground, but just to get some cute finds.

What are your favorite Forever 21 finds?