Product Review: K-Beauty SkinFood BrownSugar Cleansing Wipes

I have to admit from the jump, I wasn’t sure if any K-beauty products would work for my skin. I’m older (38, I ain’t ashamed), still get acnes and blackheads (like wth??), and my skin is either crazy oily or crazy dry. It’s like it can’t decide what it wants to do and it often … More Product Review: K-Beauty SkinFood BrownSugar Cleansing Wipes

Product Review: Shea Moisture box! #sheamom #sheabassdor #sheamoisture

Today, I’m doing an entire product review of the entire contents of the Shea Moisture box I received from them. I’ll speak from a mom’s perspective but also from my personal one since I also used the same products on me! Disclaimer: I am a Shea Moisture Ambassador, so I’m giving honest reviews of this … More Product Review: Shea Moisture box! #sheamom #sheabassdor #sheamoisture

Calling Dr. Green Thumb

As I’ve become older, I realize how much I just want to grow my own ish. Don’t get me wrong; I love frequenting farmer’s markets and supporting local farmers. Hell, I just bought some blood oranges yesterday in the hopes of actually using my ice cream maker for once and make sorbet. 

But there’s something so…how can I put it…like really down-home about getting your fingers dirty into the soil, planting seeds, watching something grow (or not). 
More Calling Dr. Green Thumb

Happy Easter!

For those who traditionally celebrate, Happy Resurrection Day! For those who just like the Easter bunny and baskets, I hope you received everything you wanted this year! Bear cashed out: My longtime friend made this for Bear. Honestly, I went into a sugar overload yesterday. But he liked it a lot, too! Painting eggs with … More Happy Easter!