Baby Girl Finds at Target

Just putting it out there – I’m not pregnant. Not yet. 

However, my neighbor’s twin sister is pregnant and due any day. I recently attended her baby shower and I picked up some super cute baby girl clothing. I spent much more than I’d intended, but I couldn’t help it. Shopping for babies is so much fun!!  … More Baby Girl Finds at Target


This Is Why You Need a Diffuser Like Yesterday

For Christmas, Santa Bae gave me a diffuser. As I’ve been trying to not rely on air fresheners and the like so much, I’ve been trying to figure out more useful ways to freshen the home without speeding up my death by adding so many chemicals, gasping for air, and not wanting my home to be a sterile as a hospital.

And omgggg, I’m so dramatic. 
Now I’m a fan of essential oils. I’m not super extreme thinking they can cure cancer, but I also know if I want to freshen up the home I can rely on them.  … More This Is Why You Need a Diffuser Like Yesterday