Vegetarian side dish: Broccoli Tots

Sometimes, you’re just tired of eating potatoes as a side dish. And maybe you’re a bit over eating roasted or veggies. And you can only steam for so long before you turn into a personal sauna. 

I’ve wanted to make something different for a while but you know, lazy. I finally decided, okay, I’m going to make this and hopefully it won’t suck. 
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What It’s Really Like To Survive The Death of Your Baby

There’s a hole within you that will never close. Sometimes it gets bigger and overwhelming. Sometimes it returns back to size. But it never closes. It never heals. It’s just kinda…there. 
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Happy Birthday Eve

I personally like getting older because it means I get to have more life experiences. It means there’s still time to travel, explore things I’ve never done before, and get better at the things I’m currently doing. I also have a child who I love very much, and love to see him carry the family legacy. I have a husband who’s my world, my number one, and I can’t wait to have our golden years together.

So yeah, I have a lot to look forward in getting older!  … More Happy Birthday Eve