Easter Weekend Festivities

This past weekend, we celebrated Easter here in L.A. and with my family back in Palm Springs.

The weekend before, we took photos with the Easter bunny:

(I told you I wasn’t wearing black this time.)

First, Bear went on a field trip with his classmates (with Daddy supervising) to Audubon Center. Bear was rather impressed with a hut while he learned about different birds and plants.

Oh, he also climbed a tree with Daddy’s help.

Then, the next day, our local neighborhood had Easter festivities so we went there. Bear drew a little, made a basket, and got his hand painted!

Later, we went to Conquer LA where Bear once again, stole the show:

Photos courtesy of @caliwinter.

And finally, we went to my family’s home on Easter Sunday so Bear could play with a few of his cousins:

The Easter bunny didn’t disappoint:

So, I’m still a little tired and I hope to catch up with sleep soon. But all in all, it was one of the best Easter weekends in recent memory!


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