So, A Police Standoff Happened Near My Parents’ Home

I love social media (eh, for the most part). And I find myself less on Facebook and more on Twitter nowadays. I like my news fast and instant. Some of the trending topics are funny and some are mundane.

Yesterday as I celebrated my birthday weekend with the baes (Maks and Bear), I logged onto Twitter and saw my hometown of Palm Springs trending. Yeah, it really doesn’t trend so I was confused as all shit why it would be.

And then I saw the headline:


(Before I continue, I send my prayers and love and light to the families of the fallen officers. While I am strongly #blacklivesmatter, I am – in no way, shape, or form – anti-cop or anti-law enforcement. What happened yesterday was disgusting and sickening.)

Palm Springs is a small city. Not as ginormous as L.A, but you really have to know your streets in Palm Springs to maneuver through them. Once I found out what street the standoff was, I did a google search.

And yeah, they were a block away from my parents.

One block.

Like my parents could walk to the standoff (they didn’t).


At the time of the news, the police hinted the suspect might have escaped because even they weren’t sure if he barricaded himself in the home. Of course, I immediately became worried and made several frantic phone calls. Here’s a sample of how they went down:

Me: Mom! Are you okay? Is Dad alright?

Mom: Oh yeah, we’re fine. Hey, did you hear the news? We have a police standoff here!

Me (grumbling): I heard! That’s why I’m calling!

Mom: I see helicopters! And there’s a lot of police here!

Me: Are you okay, though?

Mom: Oh yeah, I’m fine. I was going to visit your uncle later and take him some chocolate chip cookies. 

Me (bewildered at how nonchalant my mother is): I think you should stay home, Mom.

Mom: Yeah, I’m probably going to stay home today. 

See the difference in reactions? I’m in LA and several hundred miles away, flipping the fuck out while my mother is just chill as she can be. She’s total #momgoals.

When I called back later to see how things were going (it was during the 12-hour standoff), my mother was even more chilled than before:

Me: Any update?

Mom: I heard three booms. I thought it was a car accident. 

Me: Hmm…it sounds like they’re trying to flush him out of the house.

Mom: I think so. There are four helicopters here! I don’t like this. It reminds me of when I used to live in L.A. and I asked your Dad, ‘Does this happen all of the time?’ and he just laughed at me. 

Me: We get helicopters a lot up here. You get used to it.

Mom: Your cousin is sitting on her balcony, drinking a glass of wine and watching it. 

Me: My cousin needs to get her ass inside the house.

Mom: I need to take the dogs out so they can pee and go to bed. I’m tired.

Me: You do that and lock up, though.

Mom: I will. Shorty doesn’t like going outside at night. He gets pretty cranky. 

Seriously….my mother is pretty awesome. We may have our differences from time to time, but when it comes down to it, she’s the type of chill I aspire to be. A police standoff can happen a block away and she’s worried about getting my uncle his cookies and taking the dogs out so they can pee.



2 thoughts on “So, A Police Standoff Happened Near My Parents’ Home

    1. I was pretty frightened at first because at the time, the police weren’t releasing any information about the suspect’s whereabouts. I thought about my parents, their fancy cars, and I instantly thought they would’ve been easy targets. I’m really glad the end was a peaceful surrender.

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