Irresistible Pretty Boy on Fleek: Sensational Curly Hair #biracial #mixed #hair #productreview


IMG_5244I’ve been getting a lot of questions on Bear’s hair care routine and the products I use. Since I’m often trying new products on his hair, I decide to share my tips, tricks, (and some misses) as well as rave about some products I’ve used. Let’s go!

  • Figure out your child’s hair type. Biracial/mixed and curly hair often comes in different curl patterns and textures. Once you determine your child’s hair type, it will make your life a lot easier!


  • Once you know their hair type, buy products specifically for that type. This requires a trial and error method. You’ll also figure out very quickly that you like to experiment and buy different products.  It doesn’t mean you need to go out and spend a lot of money; some of the best products I’ve used for Bear’s hair cost less than $10 and lasted for months.


  • YouTube is your friend. Seriously. There are a ton of videos on biracial/mixed and curly hair care. I also recommend YouTube for all hair types. I’ve discovered a lot of gems in taking care of my hair.


Lastly, invest in a good detangling brush and wide-tooth comb. There’s an amazing detangling brush I even use on my own hair. 

So, what products do I recommend?

For shampoo and conditioner, try L’Oreal’s EverCurl.

For deep conditioners, try Mixed Chicks or Miss Jessie’s.

For co-washes, try As I Am.

For detanglers:

Just For Me’s Hair Milk

Cantu Kids Hair Detangler

African Pride Dream Kids Olive Miracle Instant Moisturizer Detangler

ORS Curls Unleashed



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