Biracial Hair Care Review: Is As I Am Full of Magic?

Let me begin with a preface for those who are new to the blog: I often use hair care products that wouldn’t be typically geared to biracial/mixed and/or curly hair. I want to show what products work best for curly hair as well as what I typically have in my armory. It’s one of the benefits of being a naturalista – whatever I use on my hair, I can use on my son’s hair as well (and hubby! Hubby is a big fan of Miss Jessie’s).

So that being said, let’s talk about a favorite of mine – As I Am.

Click picture to purchase.

Like I’ve said before, I’m Type 4A/B. I have lots of coils and I try to keep my coils poppin’ like a 90’s cereal commercial.cornpops

So, I’ve wondered…would As I Am have the same effect on Bear?

*Note, I know I said the next biracial hair care review would be on Mixed Chicks but I have to make an exception for now*

Trying new hair products on a toddler is sometimes tricky and it really is a game of trial and error. There are a lot of things to consider – consistency, cost, and most importantly, smell. I quickly learned that if I could barely tolerate the smell, chances are, Bear will hate it.

Now, that we’ve met the players, it’s time to play the game:

As I Am Coconut Cowash


It’s thick, but not too thick. You can easily scoop some out and spread it on your hair. I have to warn you, it could get a bit runny. While that’s great for the slip aspect, it’s not great for the slip aspect.


The Smell:

It lives up to its name – it definitely smells like coconut (which it also contains). The smell is light and sweet, almost, but not overbearing. If you don’t like or are allergic to coconuts, this is not for you.

The Cost:

It’s very inexpensive! You’re going to spend less than $7 in some places. Good quality for a cheap price? Sign me up!


The Routine:

It’s very simple – I wet Bear’s hair and put the cowash on him like I would a shampoo. Sometimes I’ll leave it on for an additional few minutes just to make sure it does its magic (I do this for myself as well).

The Result:

This picture is 2nd day hair but I have to show the results still:


And up closer:


To see how As I Am looked on my hair, click here.

My Review:


  • Inexpensive.
  • Smells great. <— this is very important, btw. 
  • You get a lot for a little.
  • Great slip.
  • Toddler/kid-friendly.
  • Great on any hair type.


  • You run out of product quicker, so while it’s cheap up front, it might be a little costly in the long run.
  • It comes in a tub, not a pump or bottle for those who just want to pump/squeeze out their cowash.

In all, I highly recommend As I Am Coconut Cowash.

I also used a detangling spray and probably the best detangling brush you’ll ever use (which I’ll do a separate blog post). The next biracial/mixed hair care review will be on this:

Click picture to purchase.



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