Styling a Biracial Child’s Hair in the Summertime!


It’s unofficially summertime and if your child has curly hair, it’s a trying time! While our hair (Type 3 and Type 4) is rather resilient, it can also be rather problematic at times.

Here are some tips to keep your (and your child’s!)  hair looking fresh this summer, no matter what your hair type is:

Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize!

I cannot stress enough how important it is to keep your child’s hair moisturized. I have seen one too many biracial children with bird’s nest on top of their heads to realize it’s not a child’s hair issue but a parent’s timing issue.

There are a ton (and I do mean a ton) of products out there to keep your child’s hair moisturized. I have to recommend (of course), Shea Moisture’s Curl Milk. Another great choice is Mielle’s Curling Milk as well.

For a biracial child, you don’t want to use any oils for it will bog down the child’s hair. Oil is great for Type 4, but I would not recommend it for Type 3.

Co-washing is your best friend.

Ever since I discovered co-washing when I went natural, my hair wondered what took me so long to do it. I try to co-wash every other day or every two days. With Bear, I try to co-wash his hair every other day. He’s a lot more active than I am so he will get into a bit more mess than I do.

If you want to splurge, you can’t get any better than Bumble and Bumble co-wash. Not only is it a conditioner, but it also detangles the ever-loving fack out of your child’s curly hair. It’s also great for all hair types.

If you’re on a budget, I highly recommend As I Am co-wash or Pantene’s co-wash. Another great choice that is not readily available in stores is Head & Shoulders.


Stick it in the fridge.

It’s hot outside, yo! And your scalp is going to need something cool for it. Put your products in the fridge to cool them down. It won’t harm them and your scalp will appreciate it.

Heat is NOT your best friend.

If you normally straighten your child’s hair, lay off the heat this summer. There is no point of using heat only for the humidity to make your child’s hair poof like a mushroom cloud. For Bear, I usually have his hair air dry.


Ain’t Nothing Wrong with DIY.

Some of the best products I’ve made were just going into my kitchen or bathroom and see what works. In another post, I’ll share a few recipes, but there is nothing wrong in saving money (and most importantly, saving your child’s hair) by making your own. Heck, some of your products might turn out better than the store bought ones!

Finally, experiment!

I recommended some great products but there are a ton more on the market and they are catered specifically to curly hair. Some of them are very cheap and do just as a great job as the premium ones.

What are your tips for keeping your child’s curly hair looking great? IMG_0540.jpg


Shea Moisture Curly Hair Demo!

Hey Fam,

I know it’s been about a minute since Bear and I have done one of these videos but hey, this was super fun to do! In this video, we used the vast majority of Shea Moisture products (as we are Shea Moisture brand ambassadors 2018).

We used the Coconut & Hibiscus Detangler, and the Coconut & Hibiscus Curling Cream. I washed Bear’s hair with the Fragrance-Free Shampoo & Body Wash and used Curly Kids (Not Shea Moisture) for a deep conditioning.

I like doing this videos not only to show how to care for your child’s curly hair but also if you have curly hair, it might help!

So, check out the video! Let me know what you think!

So You Want More Bounce In Your Curls?


A question I get a lot (and from adults, surprisingly!) is how I manage Bear’s curls. I would love to say it’s just a magical thing and he naturally wakes up like that every morning, but no. I have to work at it.

Here is what I use and the various tips that could help you. I’ve also included my Bear’s curly hair playlist for you to check out!

Know thy hair type.

This is something I’ve explained numerous times. You need to know if you’re a Type 2, Type 3, or Type 4. Curly hair is generally between Type 2C and Type 3A. Sometimes, you might be a combination of two or more. Don’t worry if you’re not exact. If you know the general idea of what you are, that makes a huge difference.

To find out what your hair type is, click here.

Use products for your hair type.

Products for kinky-curly hair (like moi) isn’t going to do the same for Bear’s springy curls. A lot of my products are oil- and cream-based, which is way too heavy for Bear’s hair. I tend to look for products that give him curl definition without breaking the bank.

In fact, unless you have the money to splurge on $20 or more products, you can find most things either online, in Target/Wal-Mart, or at your local beauty supply.


Be patient with your hair and experiment with different products. 

I’m constantly trying something new on Bear’s hair. While a lot of the products I use are generally for adults, if it works for his hair, it works. The first few times I’ve experimented with Bear’s hair weren’t anything to write home about but eventually I got the hang of it.

Set a time limit.

I have this motto for everything really. Something you do all of the time shouldn’t take more than it should. I usually have a time limit of 10 minutes for Bear’s hair.


My favorites:

The products I use for Bear’s hair:

click on the pics to purchase!

I can’t say enough great things about the L’Oreal EverCurl Hair System. While they have an entire line of products, I generally use the shampoo and conditioner for Bear’s hair. 

If I don’t feel like shampooing Bear’s hair, I generally use a co-wash. My favorites are As I Am, and Aunt Jackie’s Soft & Sassy.

For a leave-in (which is a must! You have to use some sort of detangling spray for the curls), I favor Cantu’s leave-in Conditioning Foam and Garnier Fructis’ Curl Renew.

And I couldn’t leave this without my absolutely favorite hair product:


This will even detangle your mama’s hair. I should know because I used it on mine. To purchase, click here.

And that is all! Here is our Bear hair care playlist for your viewing enjoyment!


Is Cantu Amazing For Your Curls?


Cantu Beauty has a new (well, new to me) product in their line that I happily test-drove on Bear’s hair. I did use the product on my hair but I don’t think I had the same results as his (and when I mean by the same as in my hair still frizzed up pretty bad).

Now, I have to say this before you read on, Los Angeles (and pretty much the world) has experienced hotter than normal temperatures this summer. In fact, the day I used this product on Bear’s hair, L.A. has a humidity of 70% which is hotter than the devil’s butthole.


As usual, before we review, let’s go over the basics:


Well, it’s a foam. So, it’s very light. Fluffy.


Very light. Honestly, there really isn’t that much of a smell. Not heavy which is good if you have a sensitive nose like I do.


Cheap! Another reason why I love Cantu’s line. I paid around $7.99 (I might have paid too much so it could be even cheaper than that!).

The Routine:

I would typically use this after I shampooed or co-washed his hair. If I haven’t done neither of those, I would saturate his hair with just plain water.

The Result:

I’m going to break the results down in two. First, after co-washing with Eden BodyWorks and towel-drying, I put the foam on and detangle his hair with a brush.


As you can tell, it made his curls pop! But let’s try another method. This time, I saturated Bear’s hair with just plain water, used the Cantu foam, and detangling brush. Here are those results. (I’ll post by hour.)

Again, keep in mind, this is on a day where L.A. had 70% humidity. 

First done (around 12:30 PM):


A few hours later, around 3:30 PM:


Around 7:30 PM:


So, you can tell it did hold up pretty well against high humidity. It wasn’t perfect as Bear’s hair did frizz a little bit towards the end. Honestly, I’m curious to see if there’s any product that would hold up against 70% humidity.

The Review:


  • It’s reliable. The Cantu brand is known for its quality.
  • It’s cheap. The Cantu brand is known for its affordability.
  • It’s very light in texture and fragrance.
  • I think it works best on Type 2 and Type 3 hair. 


  • While it boasts of being anti-frizz, it’s not a miracle worker. Your hair will still frizz up eventually.
  • I don’t believe it’ll work that well on Type 4 hair, as I tried on myself and didn’t see/feel much of a difference.
  • Product may be hard to find as it’s brand-new. I found it at my local beauty supply store.

In conclusion, I do recommend this if you have Type 2 or Type 3 hair. For Type 4 hair, I don’t recommend this.

Irresistible Pretty Boy on Fleek: Sensational Curly Hair #biracial #mixed #hair #productreview


IMG_5244I’ve been getting a lot of questions on Bear’s hair care routine and the products I use. Since I’m often trying new products on his hair, I decide to share my tips, tricks, (and some misses) as well as rave about some products I’ve used. Let’s go!

  • Figure out your child’s hair type. Biracial/mixed and curly hair often comes in different curl patterns and textures. Once you determine your child’s hair type, it will make your life a lot easier!


  • Once you know their hair type, buy products specifically for that type. This requires a trial and error method. You’ll also figure out very quickly that you like to experiment and buy different products.  It doesn’t mean you need to go out and spend a lot of money; some of the best products I’ve used for Bear’s hair cost less than $10 and lasted for months.


  • YouTube is your friend. Seriously. There are a ton of videos on biracial/mixed and curly hair care. I also recommend YouTube for all hair types. I’ve discovered a lot of gems in taking care of my hair.


Lastly, invest in a good detangling brush and wide-tooth comb. There’s an amazing detangling brush I even use on my own hair. 

So, what products do I recommend?

For shampoo and conditioner, try L’Oreal’s EverCurl.

For deep conditioners, try Mixed Chicks or Miss Jessie’s.

For co-washes, try As I Am.

For detanglers:

Just For Me’s Hair Milk

Cantu Kids Hair Detangler

African Pride Dream Kids Olive Miracle Instant Moisturizer Detangler

ORS Curls Unleashed