Natural Hair Care: Is ORS full of magic?

As I journey more into my natural hair care and lifestyle, I’m becoming more of a product junkie. I try to be as feasible as I can with it – I don’t go out and spend a ton of money just to have the product sit on my shelf for months. I also don’t continue to use a product if I don’t like it and just chalk it up as a learning lesson.

I’ve been trying to find the right leave-in and moisturizer for my hair. I think I have high porosity hair (I say think because I’m really uncertain but my hair does tend to have the characteristics that high porosity hair has) so it’s pretty crucial for me to find something my hair likes.

I’m familiar with the ORS brand and have used a few products in the past so I feel they’re pretty solid. While I have seen the Curls Unleashed brand, I haven’t been that vested into trying them, partially because at the time I was using other leave-ins . However, I’m a sucker for a good sale and well, when I can save a bit of money, I will.


So here’s my review –

  • It’s a mousse, so it’s not a gel or a cream. You have to pump to get some out. You don’t have to pump a lot; my experience is you only have to pump a small handful of times to get your desired amount (a lot comes out with each pump).
  • It’s a mousse. Yes, saying it twice for good reason! It’s made to scrunch or crunch your hair so keep that in mind when you apply it. You probably won’t apply it the same way you apply a cream or gel.
  • It is sticky, but not a disgusting type of sticky but sticky as in you ate an orange and you need to wash your hands (you should probably wash your hands anyway after you apply any product to your hair).
  • It does dry quickly and although it comes out white, your hair absorbs it clear.

They say the proof is in the pudding, so here we go…

My hair is dyed red (though that’s changing very soon) and I’m 4a/4b, if that helps.

Personally, while this product worked great for me, it actually worked wonders for Bear. He’s 3a/3b.


Also, there was no frizz, as that’s a natural concern with parents of biracial children and those who have curly hair.

Now, I have to state this because I didn’t realize it until after I put some product on Bear’s hair and he channeled his inner Bob Ross – you have to moisten your hair before you put the product on. So, this is not you can just put it on dry hair and be done, you have to spray your hair with water. Don’t drown yourself in water but spray enough where it’s moistened.

In closing,  I recommend this product. While it did bring out my coils, it really made Bear’s curls pop. For those with curly hair, this would be best for you. 


4 thoughts on “Natural Hair Care: Is ORS full of magic?

  1. Girl I have so many bottles of products that I used once and threw out Because they didn’t work. Currently I’m settled on the As I Am line; that doesn’t mean that every time I go to the BSS I don’t peruse the aisles and am tempted lol Bear’s hair is popping!!!!

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    1. Thank you! Yeah, it’s sometimes tough to find the right products for his hair. Never thought I would have that issue but his hair isn’t that easy to manage (actually my hair is!)

      I love the As I Am cowash so I need to try their other products. I’m forever faithful to Camille Rose hair butter.

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