I Need More Ukrainian in My World

Bear, 15 days old wearing a CafePress onesie.

The awesome part about being one-half of an interracial pairing is the blend of two cultures. We have soul food and varenyky. We’re teaching our son both English and Russian. I’ve become a huge fan of futbol while my husband enjoys trap music (okay, the last part isn’t really a representative of my culture, but you get what I’m saying). Andplusalso, I don’t like trap music.

Anyway, when Maks migrated to the U.S. some 20 years ago, he and his family didn’t take very much with them, so hence while we celebrate a lot of Ukrainian traditions, we don’t have a lot of Ukrainian items.

So, Etsy has always been a favorite of mine. I love to buy little quirky and fun things I can get on there, I really can’t find anywhere else. Lo and behold, there are sellers who sell Ukrainian items.

Let’s take a looksee…


I found this ornament recently. I really love how wintery this is and I think it’ll be the perfect addition to our home. I love it so much I might have it up all year.


Bear has a very similar vyshyvanka gifted to him by a family friend. I hope to give him another one when he’s older.


I discovered these angels. I love angels and the symbolism of them so I think they’ll make a perfect addition.


If I have a daughter, I would totally get her one of these in addition to one of these.


I ordered this hand band from one of my April 2012 moms for Maks.


I’m digging this table runner. I do wonder how long it’ll stay white, though.


Next Blussian baby is getting this for sure. I so love this!

So, there are my Ukrainian gems. I’m going to do another separate post on some Black-owned businesses I’ve discovered on Etsy and IG. ❤ 🙂



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