There is a reason why you never see a lot of pregnant women at Disneyland. Exhaustion. Total, absolute, and complete exhaustion. The trip was planned before I got pregnant. My sister-in-law double-checked with me to see if I wanted to still go because I told her the number one symptom I’ve had all week was fatigue, … More Crazy

My Saving Grace

I saw this picture on an Incompetent Cervix group I’m a part of and it really touched me: I hope Ethan is watching over Yoda like this. ❤ Edit: I found out the creator of this piece is The Midnight Orange. Check them out!

Happy People

Today, we met with our acupuncturist, Novella. She specializes in pretty much everything: stress-relief, weight-loss, back pain, fertility, and pregnancy. The last time we saw her, we were trying to get pregnant. Now we’ll keep seeing her since we’re pregnant. My main purpose of going to acupuncture is just to relax. Being pregnant after a … More Happy People

Fancy: Bellybuds

When I was pregnant with Ethan, I used regular headphones to play music for him. I introduced him to Keith Sweat, Iron Maiden, Guns N’ Roses, and classical music. I also had Maks speak Russian to him on a daily basis so Ethan would learn Russian and be familiar with Maks’s voice. Needless to say … More Fancy: Bellybuds