There is a reason why you never see a lot of pregnant women at Disneyland. Exhaustion. Total, absolute, and complete exhaustion.

The trip was planned before I got pregnant. My sister-in-law double-checked with me to see if I wanted to still go because I told her the number one symptom I’ve had all week was fatigue, which is the primary reason why I haven’t blogged. Too damn tired to do anything. Seriously. I barely did dishes the other day. I barely walked to the end of the block for lunch. And my writing career has been on a mini-hiatus for a moment. But I’ve been sleeping and resting like it’s been going out of style. My girlfriends call it the ‘nesting’ period. I call it sleeping to my heart’s content.

photo (12)
This is an actual photo of my cat, Sushi. I’m about engage in a battle with her for who can sleep and rest the most. I call it Sleep-A-Thon 2013.

But I thought, ‘Hey, if I rest up as much as I can today, I can be ready for Disneyland tomorrow.’ Well, I was right in one aspect. I did have a lot more energy going to Disneyland. You would be so proud of me! I lasted a whole two hours! Since I couldn’t go on any rides or attractions, I spent most of the time resting and walking just a bit. That was fine by Maks. He liked the fact I was still.

It was a nice mini-babymoon for us. We both realized that the next time we’ll be at Disneyland is when Yoda is around five so he can properly enjoy it.

In other news, I got my doctor’s appointment moved from Monday to Tuesday so hopefully on Tuesday, I can update you with some great news. It was moved so Maks can come with me to the appointment and I was okay with that. I wasn’t really a fan of having my first prenatal appointment on April Fool’s Day. Sheesh. Who does that?

Keep those fingers crossed! And send me all the great sticky baby vibes you can! xoxoxo


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