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acupuncture (1)

Today, we met with our acupuncturist, Novella. She specializes in pretty much everything: stress-relief, weight-loss, back pain, fertility, and pregnancy. The last time we saw her, we were trying to get pregnant. Now we’ll keep seeing her since we’re pregnant.

My main purpose of going to acupuncture is just to relax. Being pregnant after a loss is not fun. Being pregnant after a late loss really isn’t fun. I’m okay for the most part but every so often, I become really anxious and just uptight. I can honestly say my worry has transferred from having a miscarriage to whether the cerclage I’m going to get in a few weeks is going to hold.

I spoke to Novella about my concerns and worries. Then she tried new acu-points (is that a word? If not, I just made it up for this) specifically for me and the pregnancy. I had those little needles in my feet, in my ears, and in my forehead. I think I had a few on my tummy and arms. I can tell you it worked like a charm! I fell asleep on the table, several times. Then I had good visualizations. I saw I was giving birth. I saw the baby coming out of the birth canal. I saw me holding Yoda. Then I felt better. All better!

Acupuncture Needles Sticking Out from Feet
This reminds me I need to give myself a pedicure.

Maks got acupuncture as well as cupping. I think I’m going to try cupping sometime when I’m not pregnant since I need to lay flat on my stomach. If you’re curious about cupping, check this out:

It looks painful but it really isn’t. It’s relieving the stagnation and moving the qi around the body so you’re more relaxed.

And when the cups are removed, his back kinda looks like this:

Clearly my husband doesn’t look like a slim woman swimmer but you get the point…

We’re going continue going to acupuncture for the remainder of the pregnancy because it just does wonders for both of us. Yay for a happy foxxy! 🙂


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