I’ll Be Waiting


Today, I went to my family practitioner to confirm the pregnancy. I didn’t want to go for a number of reasons. One, I didn’t want to pay for an expensive pregnancy test (more on that in a bit). And two, probably the most important reason, I didn’t want news that would upset me such as ‘Um, you’re not pregnant.’

Let me explain the second one.

With my first pregnancy, we discovered I was pregnant right before my period was due. We confirmed it with another home pregnancy test (HPT) the day I was supposed to get my period, only to receive news about four days later that, hmm…there wasn’t a baby in there. I miscarried a couple days later.

So needless to say, whenever I have to confirm a pregnancy, I’m kinda like, ‘eh…’

I have to say this picture is pretty accurate of me when I took my tests. Well, skin tone and ethnicity aside.

Obviously, we didn’t have the same experience with Ethan over at Planned Parenthood. Kinda funny story about Ethan – I was the only woman there that day was actually happy to be pregnant. Anyway, I’m getting off-topic here. So even with four different pregnancy tests – six total – I still had my reservations about seeing a confirmation. But I went anyway. I decided I’m not going to spend this pregnancy in fear. 

So I went to the doctor’s office and had to pay my co-pay of $40. Yes, I know that’s pricey and believe me, I’m trying to look for something a little better. Anyway, I paid my co-pay and I texted my husband, letting him know I was at the doctor’s office. My exact words, ‘If this is an expensive pee test, I’m going to be irritated.’

Did I tell you I can predict the future?

Forty dollars short and an empty bladder later, I did receive the good news that I am pregnant. So I guess for forty dollars, it wasn’t all bad. But I had very inexpensive HPTs that told me the exact same thing last week.

To end this post, the nurse asked me what she thought I wanted in terms of a boy or a girl. She had already predicted girl. I told her I would be happy with whatever God gives me.


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