Amazed: Healthy Breakfast for Two

Though I have my occasional fat girl pregnant woman cravings, I do try to eat as healthy as possible. I tend to go by this book, which I highly recommend:

feed the belly
A healthy pregnant mama’s eating for two bible

If you haven’t picked it up, get it! Get it for you, get it for your girlfriend, get it for your co-worker. It has the what you can and can’t eat, recommended foods for pregnancy, and some really great recipes for smoothies.

I did cut out most caffeine, though I still have my chocolate cravings. I did discover this recently at Whole Foods:

peppermint chocolate

This is Peppermint Chocolate Rooibos tea. It’s a little pricey, around $10, but it’s worth it. It was great with my breakfast:


From left to right: white grapefruit, chocolate peppermint rooibos (pronounced Roy-boss) tea, turkey bacon, fertile eggs with salsa, roasted kale and watered-down cranberry juice. My husband might be jealous at how colorful my breakfast was. You might be wondering about the fertile eggs…

fertile eggs

I got these at Whole Foods. My acupuncturist recommended them to me for fertility purposes. Honestly, they taste no different from regular eggs but we just stuck with them.

So far the healthy diet is helping my nausea. I don’t get it that much but every so often, when I do get it, it does kick my tail. I think it’s preparation for when it really starts within the next week or so. I’m sure my posts will be a lot different.


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