You Got Me



No soda for Yoda.

I decided to have a Sprite today with my lunch and boy was that a bad idea. It was way too sweet for me. Like, I’m not even sure I finished a quarter of it. I even took a picture of it:

photo (5)

No more soda for Yoda. I swear this kid is making me healthier already.

In interesting news, I had a follow-up phone conversation with Dr. Davis. Turns out my insurance won’t cover the cerclage because he’s out of network and I haven’t met my minimum before they would cover it. One, I need new insurance pronto. But most importantly, Dr. Davis was able to do the procedure for me at-cost. For privacy sake, I won’t reveal the actual dollar amount but I will say it’s a lot cheaper than I thought it was going to be. I’m very fortunate I will able to afford it.

I’m currently five weeks and I’m getting nervous. The cerclage is about 5-6 weeks away and I’m just anxious for it. It’s the third milestone I need to meet for this pregnancy for me to be totally comfortable with it. Here are the milestones, in case you’re wondering:

  • First ultrasound/heartbeat
  • Second ultrasound
  • Cerclage
  • Getting past the gestation where I lost Ethan
  • Viability
  • Getting cerclage removed
  • Having baby brought home with us

Truth to be told, I’m getting nervous at the prospect that this. is. it. than I am about anything else.  Two weeks ago, I was scouring the internet looking at expensive handbags. Two weeks later, my ovaries danced about a potential stroller I wanted to get. I  looked at birth plans earlier. Birth plans! Gah! I don’t know anything about birth plans!

Oh and I splurged on this:

photo (8)


I know it’s a little big for Yoda but he’ll grow into it. He’ll attend his first baseball game around this time next year. OMG! I can’t wait! So excited! (Btw, when I refer to Yoda as ‘he’, I’m just stating that for general purposes.)

This feeling is just too cool for words.


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