Something Just Ain’t Right

But now my faith is shaken. Obviously, that lady was full of shit but now I’m wondering does heaven and hell exist? Does God exist? Is something I was taught all my life really just a crock of shit? … More Something Just Ain’t Right


No Guarantees

Sometimes, it really doesn’t matter. I try to eat healthy. I try to cut my intake of alcohol to twice a week and even then that might be too much. I constantly walk everywhere with Bo in tow. I meditate. I pray. Mentally, I’m probably the healthiest I’ve been in a long while. Physically, I’m … More No Guarantees

Fight the Power #blacklivesmatter #ukrainelivesmatter Edition

M. and I are a rare couple. He’s Ukrainian, I’m Black American. There are a lot of differences between us. There is a lot of common ground between us. Obviously, it works since we’ve been together for seven years, five married. We survived two notable miscarriages in one year, a stressful but very uneventful pregnancy … More Fight the Power #blacklivesmatter #ukrainelivesmatter Edition

I Bet

If you haven’t heard, singer Ciara and her boyfriend, Seattle Seahawks quarterback, Russell Wilson have been in the news lately. Did they rob a bank? No. Did they curse out the President? No. Were they arrested? No. So why are they in the news? Let me introduce you to Future, Ciara’s ex-fiancee, and father of … More I Bet