Oh yeah, we’re still doing that vegetarian thang.


So here’s a recap of week two in our semi-vegetarian experiment.

Meal Planning

Meal planning was a lot easier last week than it was the first week. Now that we have an idea on what to eat and not to eat, it was easier to map out dinner. Some of it was still on the fly, but we did stick to the very little poultry plan. I think we had poultry a total of two times last week. Pretty good if I say so myself!

I will have to admit, last week did suck in one aspect when we went to check out the food trucks and yeah, not a lot of vegetarian options there. That really sucked donkey nuts.

On the flip side, hubby’s bentos have been looking pretty amazing if I take this opportunity to pat myself on the back:


The energy level between us was pretty good! Hubs raved how he had a lot more energy. He also got a lot more sleep and less stress.

Menstrual cycle

Obviously, my hubby can’t comment on this one, LOL. My period was better. I did experiment with a new set of maxi pads called Rael (review coming soon) and I only felt ‘icky’ for one day in my cycle. Definitely a great thing.


I lost four pounds last week! Holy crap, Batman! Now before anyone sees this and automatically switch to what we’re doing, I also have to tell you I walked a lot (almost 20 miles last week) and I had a ton of water. Like I was downing 10 glasses a day.

So, there’s a lot more to losing weight than just going vegetarian, though it has its benefits. Bae, surprisingly, gained two pounds. We’re trying to see where we went wrong and correct it.


Bear was never a big meat eater. He’ll eat it if it’s there in front of him, but he won’t specifically request it. We’re very fortunate in that aspect. So, us going mostly plant-based has not had any impact on him at all.

That’s it! Our week two recap! We’re nearing the finish line and I hope we continue this wonderful progress. For now, enjoy some recent photos of Bear taken by the hubs and our close family friend, Michael Castro (@kaotical24).

Oh yeah, Bear did get a new backpack. To purchase, click here.


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