Why Sweet Potatoes Are Amazeballs


I recently had mashed sweet potatoes. Well, let’s backtrack just a tad. It’s not the first time I’ve had it, but it was a first time in a long while I realized just how freakin’ amazing they were.

Despite my newfound sent home to glory moment in the kitchen, I had to wonder why sweet potatoes and its various forms (my favorite being the sweet potato pie) was so good for you.

And it turns out there are a ton of reasons.

I’ll list a few but I do encourage you to click the link above. Let’s gooooooooooo!

  • They’re good for your hair and skin, yo.

They’re chalkfull of Vitamins A, C, E, which help nourish your hair and skin from the inside out. They also promote hair growth. So put down the potions and toupees, and pick up some sweet potatoes.

  •  They’re good for digestion.

If you need help going potty (sorry, I’m stuck on Mommy mode), you don’t need to take a laxative. Just eat a sweet potato. It has so much fiber, your stomach might start doing backflips because it’s being taken care of. That also leads to my next point:

  • They’re good for weight loss.

Because let’s face it: with all of that newfound fiber you’re consuming, you’re probably going to be going a whole lot more.

  • They’re good for fertility.

I’m not currently pregnant but I do plan to start trying again very soon (and I’ll only announce when I’m pregnant). Sweet potatoes have a healthy dose of iron, which is essential getting pregnant. Like I mentioned earlier, they’re also full of vitamin A, which is also super important in getting knocked up, y’all!

  • They’re super good for reducing stress, including insomnia, anxiety, and depression.

So, check it: if you eat a sweet potato, it has so much magnesium in it, you’re whole body will be at ease (and I imagine with all of those trips to the bathroom, that’s a part of it, lmaoooo). But eating sweet potatoes help alleviate depression and make you happier.

So, go ahead! Try a sweet potato. I even have a recipe you can try that I just used yesterday!



Daily Kneads Bread is Really About That Life


Recently, I received a very generous gift from the great folks over at Daily Kneads bread. Now, I’m going to keep it one hundred like I always do – I never heard of them. So, naturally I was a little apprehensive about trying a product I never heard of.

But YOLO, right?


Before I go why I had to give myself a pep talk on why I had to eat my veggies, let’s talk more about the company themselves. Straight from the website and Co-founder, Michael Itskovich: 

The struggle is real. “Eat your vegetables” is a battle cry heard in most households and around most dinner tables. My brother and I are no different. Between us we have five kids, aging parents and four cultures. We love to eat well and encourage our children to do the same. We don’t always succeed.

Growing up, good food and good bread was always a staple. As our parents and grandparents began aging they moved away from the heavy Eastern European foods to a more nutritious and balanced life style. Using less meat and fats and adding more vegetables and whole grains into our diets. Bread was ever-present. As parents, my brother and I are committed to sustain the ”better for you lifestyle” and pass it along to our children.

My family has many food restrictions. As a trained chef, a food tinkerer and a self-proclaimed foodie I always try to make life easier and tastier with these limitations. Like most families we value convenience and look for short cuts, and I realized we were becoming a statistic and eating more bread then vegetables.

In fact, Americans consume 62% of their recommended daily vegetables, and much less if you take away potatoes and corn. We do consume 110% of our daily recommended carbohydrates. Actually, Americans consume over 300 million sandwiches every day.[1]

I decided to change course and come up with a Life-Hack to eating more vegetables. Driven by our family’s passion for bread and our desire to eat more vegetables, I brought the vegetable bread idea to my brother, who is also my business partner, and he was sold. He loved the idea, and after all, we are in the bakery business. But that wasn’t enough, we needed a proof of concept. We decided to keep it simple. We sampled our new concept to our families, our friends and our colleagues. As the results came in we knew we had a winner.

Our team set out on a two year journey to develop what is now Daily Kneads Whole Grain Vegetable Bread. There were three objectives 1. Create great tasting bread. 2. Make an All-Natural product, using whole ingredients, no artificial flavors and colors. 3.  Infuse a serving of vegetables in a serving of bread.

Today, Daily Kneads is selling sliced bread, flatbreads and will shortly launch an Oatmeal Vegetable cookie. Enjoy our products at breakfast, lunch and dinner. Daily Kneads Bread will satisfy the most daring and the pickiest eaters. Now, eating vegetables is fast, convenient and delicious.

Bread is the essence of life. Eating good bread daily satisfies. Eating Daily Kneads Bread gratifies.

Pretty dope, huh?

Now I’m a person who’s easily impressed. It really doesn’t take much to impress me. I’ll see a car and go, ‘Ooh shiny!’ (Really, I do.) However, just because I’m impressed that people have figured out a way to incorporate veggies in bread, it doesn’t mean I’ll try them…

…unless if they’re yummy and then I might…


So, first, let’s begin with the sliced breads. The breads come in different flavors and we chose Spinach & Leek and Red Pepper.


And in case if you’re wondering if it really looks like that in person, it does:


The one thing I do love about Daily Kneads is how colorful they are!

Red-Pepper-Slices_2048xThe difference with Daily Kneads in comparison with regular white or whole-wheat bread (or any other bread, honestly) is you have to pair the food with it just right.

You’re probably not going to want to do peanut butter and jelly sandwiches on this, but this would make a kick-ass roasted turkey and guyere cheese sandwich:


My husband made himself a turkey sandwich with the spinach and leek bread and he said it came out excellent. The bread was a nice pairing with the turkey and other veggies he had on his sandwich.

Win-win for all!


Next up, we tried the flatbreads – sweet beet and tomato basil. Because they were flat breads, we did something a bit different. We used some cashew cheese and combined it with tomato and spinach:

Sweet beet is on the left; tomato and basil is on the right.

While it is recommend to eat the flat bread warm, I believe giving it a light toast brings out more of the flavor. The cashew cheese worked very well and this could be used as a vegetarian option for sandwiches or appetizers.

The reason I’m not promoting this as a vegan option is because Daily Kneads is manufactured in a facility that also processes products containing milk. So I have to give that warning to those who are vegan or follow a vegan diet.


Overall, I do recommend the breads. They’re healthy for you, but they’re also pretty delicious. I know how sometimes eating healthy means getting rid of flavor, but not necessarily any more. I found a ton more sandwich ideas and flatbread recipes online to get creative.

Plus, who knew how good vegan cheese would taste on a flatbread?


I have a feeling this bread will come in very handy the next couple of days with leftovers. 🙂

For more information on Daily Kneads and where to purchase, visit here.

Special shout-out to Gabby, for her assistance and just being awesome! You’re amazing! 🙂 xoxoxo


Vegan Chilaquiles



I decided to try something different for my vegan tastes. (For those new to the blog, I’m not vegan but I do make a lot of plant-based and vegan dishes because my body likes it).

I really did like this recipe, though I thought the sodium content was a wee bit high for my taste (and I didn’t use that much salt). I did make it a little more spicy than what the recipe called for.


In terms of chilaquiles, I thought this was a good alternative. I usually eat the beef or chicken with cheese type. This was super easy to make and I highly recommend it even if you’re not vegan.


To try this recipe, click here.

A New Twist to Your Avocado Toast

Okay, so I’ll admit – I never had avocado toast. I never had any interest. While I can see the hype of it and how certain restaurants are making an absolute killing of them, I don’t see how anyone can pay for it.

For one, I can make it at home. And two, well, I have a hard time shelling out $10+ for something I can, well, make at home. (Take note millennials.)

Enter Vegan BLT toast.

Ever since I discovered a new love for tempeh, I’m curious to use it in other recipes. After we had some pretty good, but also unhealthy food in the last few days (I’m not going to resist National Fried Chicken Day), it was time to clean out our systems.


I’m not sure if there’s a way to thinly slice tempeh but I’ll keep trying. I don’t want it too thin where I’ll burn it but I don’t want it too thick where it’s too hard to chew. One thing I love about cooking – it’s really a trial and error process.

I combined a ton of spices, including smoked paprika (and that is a must-have staple in your home, btw), sea salt, crushed peppercorn, garlic powder, and onion powder. I did amend the recipe so my tempeh came out a bit more flavorful.

The biggest critic about vegan food is how it can be bland and not filling, so the key is to have lots of spices and experiment with flavors and textures. The vegan food I’ve always had (and maybe I’m just hella lucky in this respect) has always been flavorful and filling.


My longtime friend, Krista, gave me an awesome recipe for guacamole that I’ll share. While you can’t tell in this photo (this was before I added the other ingredients), it was very simple: sea salt, pepper, finely crushed red onions, and cilantro. She didn’t give measurements but it’s really to your preference. OMG, it is so good! It really goes with anything.


This is the tempeh after it was fried in olive oil for a few minutes and soaking on a paper towel. Now, I’m not going to lie and think, ‘Oh hey, that reminds me of bacon!’ because it sure in the hell doesn’t, but it tasted wonderful!


The recipe called for regular lettuce but I had black kale available and replaced it. The kale was raw but I think if I blanched it, it might have came out softer. The raw kale had a crispier, nuttier texture to it that I enjoy.


Ta-dah! OMG, this was freakin’ amazeballs! So good! One slice makes a very filling sandwich.

So, what are you waiting for? Try it!


These Buffalo Cauliflower Tacos Are Kinda Yum


I have to admit – I was never a fan of cauliflower. Not that it grossed me out (okay, maybe it did) but it wasn’t something that was on my go-to to eat as a kid or even when I entered adulthood. Even now, I’m still kinda iffy about cauliflower despite eating it more than I ever have been.

But you can always teach an old dog new tricks, right?

I have an IG friend, Jaime, who loves everything cauliflower. And she’s part of the reason why I decided to branch out and try something different. I love tacos (who doesn’t?) and I didn’t want to do the typical portobello mushroom fare that we’ve been doing for years.

Why not cauliflower?

I would love to take credit for this but really, it wasn’t me. The ingredients were hella simple and the recipe promised I’ll be eating this goodness within 30 minutes. I can’t lose.


Let’s talk about all of the wonderful benefits of cauliflower. Cauliflower has a grip of benefits. Yes, a grip. For those who don’t speak slang, a grip means a whole lot. Now go ahead and use it in a sentence – I just had a grip of cauliflower right now. Yes, yes, very good.

From aiding in weight loss to making sure your skin is glowing and dewy to helping detox the body, you really can’t go wrong with cauliflower. A key part of cauliflower that really caught my attention is how it might help fight Alzheimer’s, a disease that runs in my family.


I didn’t make the recipe as is – I’ll admit my version wasn’t vegan because I couldn’t find vegan ranch at the grocery store and I didn’t have the energy to make a special stop to get it. Still, the recipe came out amazeballs! It’s really hella good!


I didn’t use as much buffalo sauce the recipe called for, and really, I should’ve. The buffalo sauce really makes a difference. Some other people used hot sauce or Sriracha sauce and they said it came out great, so those are options for you to try.

I have to give a great shout-out to the great folks over at This Savory Vegan for posting such an amazing recipe. Go check out the website! It’s hella dope.

What are your favorite cauliflower recipes?