Our trip to Skyspace!

Over the weekend (and as part of my birthday celebration), we all went to Skyspace. It’s a new hip viewing place in DTLA. It’s also the place that boasts the clear glass slide. I didn’t go on the slide (because I’m terrified of heights) but after seeing several people do it, I’m determined to do it next time. YOLO, right?

Here are pics from our adventures!


Kids under 3 are free. Kids 3-11 are $25, I think. Adult tickets were $27 each.



This is a view of the floor. So yeah, this tells you how high up we are. That’s pretty far down, yo.

This gives you an idea of what my vantage point was. Beautiful sight but lawdhermercy!!!


Completely fearless. It’s a pretty thick glass and almost impossible to crash through it. It’s also incredibly high (probably around 10 feet).


Skyspace is about two stories with a coffee bar, two gift shops, and a small juice/snack bar.

Family pics.

And finally, the winning shot courtesy of close family friend, Therdchild:



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