From Lviv, With Love

I’ve been meaning to post the wonderful gifts my husband brought home from Ukraine but well, life happens. Never fear, the post is here! (Okay, that was cheesy as all get out, but cute, right?)

I love candles. I’m constantly burning something scented in our home, be it a candle, essential oils, or even just spraying Febreze. When you come home, it should smell like a home; not hot garbage or too clinical like a hospital. It should smell warm and inviting.

My husband brought home several candles for me. The green one smells like earth, very warm and cozy. The stick in the middle crackles as it burns.

The middle one kinda smells like chocolate, very sweet!

The vertical one is actually pretty dope because although it burns hella quickly, it does have a nice, light fragrance to it.


To purchase a candle, click here.

Maks’s cousin and grandmother handpicked a hair accessory for me, which I thought was very cool!

In addition to the wonderful candles and hair accessory, I also received more chocolate than I can handle. There’s something really good about the European chocolate. I honestly like it better than American chocolate.

Gifts for Bear:

Originally I was going to show you this neat little box but well, toddler. So, this is a wooden toy with magnets that Bear can put together. It’s very cool because the wood is quite durable and can withstand numerous play times and tantrums. Highly recommend.

This is throwback to Bear’s polo days when I used to put him in nothing but polos. I guess I wanted a preppy kid? I dunno. But this is very cool. He hasn’t been able to wear it yet because it’s been hotter than the devil’s armpit here in L.A., but I hope he’ll wear it soon.


Finally, this is a very special gift from Maks’s grandmother and his cousin. They personally handmade this as a blessing to Bear. So, we need to find an Ukrainian priest to bless it before we hang it up in our home. I haven’t figured out a place yet, but I think it’ll go in our bedroom.

I hope Bear and I will make a visit to Ukraine for Christmas this year. So, I’m actively working towards that right now. 🙂


Our First Pysanka Festival


Over the weekend, we visited the Ukrainian Culture Center here in L.A. for their Easter festivities. There were no Easter bunnies but there were plenty of eggs (eggs are a huge thing in the Ukrainian culture).

We went to enjoy some great entertainment and food (oh m gee…the food was bomb!). Bear wasn’t interested in face painting but he took in all of the sights and sounds. Maks spoke with an Ukrainian soldier who fought in the conflict (see picture below).

I didn’t get to practice my Russian, which I should’ve. Missed opportunity! Next time for sure!

We picked up a few things for Bear, who made out like a bandit. And I finally have my first set of Ukrainian Christmas ornaments! Sweet!


The inside of the Center is stunningly beautiful with the colors of Ukraine, blue and gold.


There were numerous vendors there selling a variety of homemade items and things from Ukraine. We picked Bear up a couple of shirts:

And The Three Little Pigs!

It’s his first pop-up book! So sweet. We never had personal pop-up books when we were kids.

As I mentioned above, Maks spoke with an Ukrainian soldier who is in L.A. for rehabilitation.


The food was slammin’! I wish I took a picture of it:


And I finally have my Ukrainian Christmas ornaments. It’s never too early to go shopping for Christmas!

It was a very fun event. We were pretty emotionally spent from it but we had a lot of fun! And of course, Bear stole the show:


I Need More Ukrainian in My World

Bear, 15 days old wearing a CafePress onesie.

The awesome part about being one-half of an interracial pairing is the blend of two cultures. We have soul food and varenyky. We’re teaching our son both English and Russian. I’ve become a huge fan of futbol while my husband enjoys trap music (okay, the last part isn’t really a representative of my culture, but you get what I’m saying). Andplusalso, I don’t like trap music.

Anyway, when Maks migrated to the U.S. some 20 years ago, he and his family didn’t take very much with them, so hence while we celebrate a lot of Ukrainian traditions, we don’t have a lot of Ukrainian items.

So, Etsy has always been a favorite of mine. I love to buy little quirky and fun things I can get on there, I really can’t find anywhere else. Lo and behold, there are sellers who sell Ukrainian items.

Let’s take a looksee…


I found this ornament recently. I really love how wintery this is and I think it’ll be the perfect addition to our home. I love it so much I might have it up all year.


Bear has a very similar vyshyvanka gifted to him by a family friend. I hope to give him another one when he’s older.


I discovered these angels. I love angels and the symbolism of them so I think they’ll make a perfect addition.


If I have a daughter, I would totally get her one of these in addition to one of these.


I ordered this hand band from one of my April 2012 moms for Maks.


I’m digging this table runner. I do wonder how long it’ll stay white, though.


Next Blussian baby is getting this for sure. I so love this!

So, there are my Ukrainian gems. I’m going to do another separate post on some Black-owned businesses I’ve discovered on Etsy and IG. ❤ 🙂