Who but the Lord?


I had a happy go-lucky blog post I was getting ready to type. I decided it’ll be delayed by a couple of days because I can’t just sit back and not say anything. Two days. Two shootings. On camera. Two black men with families, who will grow up fatherless. A child watched her father (presumably) being shot and killed right before her. She comforted her mother as she was being handcuffed right after her boyfriend’s shooting.

And she’s supposed to still grow up and trust the police?

I’m angry.

I’m hurt.

I’m tired.

My patience is thin.

The feeling of helpless is a heavy one.

Black lives matter. It doesn’t say Black lives only matter. It doesn’t say all lives matter and please miss me with that bullshit. We are being executed in modern-day lynchings. They may not be using ropes and trees but they damn sure are using badges and guns.

And with that, here’s a poem by Langston Hughes:

I looked and I saw
That man they call the Law.
He was coming
Down the street at me!
I had visions in my head
Of being laid out cold and dead,
Or else murdered
By the third degree.

I said, O, Lord, if you can,

Save me from that man!

Don’t let him make a pulp out of me!

But the Lord he was not quick.
The Law raised up his stick
And beat the living hell
Out of me!

Now, I do not understand
Why God don’t protect a man
From police brutality.
Being poor and black,
I’ve no weapon to strike back
So who but the Lord
Can protect me?

We’ll see.



2 thoughts on “Who but the Lord?

  1. I’ve been looking at my account wanting to write all day and having no words. Thank you. I don’t know what we can do but pray right now. I had a legitimate panic attack today before I left for work because I don’t know if someone today will think my big black husband is a threat to them and choose to end his life.


    1. I’m saddened, I’m disgusted…I’m just…speechless. I have brothers, nephews, cousins, my father, uncles…who knows what fate they’ll have one day? If we do what we’re told, we comply, we don’t argue, and we’re still gunned down…then what?

      The only difference between what has happened in the past and what’s going on now is that there are cameras.


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