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To Leash or To Not Leash? That is the question.

I’ll admit it – BC (Before Children), I was vehemently against putting kids on a leash. I couldn’t understand why parents felt the need to do that. Are they really horrible parents that can’t control their kids? Are their kids that uncontrollable? Why would you treat your child even less than an animal?

Now having Bear..I totally get it.


Bear is very independent. He’s one of those kids that if given the choice to walk or being carried, he would walk. He runs! He explores! He’s a very independent little boy. And while that’s great for the most part, sometimes it’s scary. When we’re on the sidewalks, I have to carefully watch him to make sure he’s not in the path of incoming cars. I have to make sure he doesn’t venture out into the street. He’s also quickly outgrowing his stroller.

It’s becoming a bit nerve-wrecking. It might be that time for a leash.

M. is totally against leashes. When I presented the idea of a leash a few months ago, he compared it to slavery. Yeah. He’s that serious. I’m not one to go against my husband just because and if he has a concern, I do respect it (even if I don’t get it). So I’m still waiting on him to come around regarding leashes. I have a feeling, once Rainbow Baby #2 arrives (nope, not pregnant yet), I think he’ll be a bit more enthusiastic about it.

What are your thoughts?


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