#ThrowbackThursday – Breastfeeding Edition

I’m going to start doing #TBT posts on here to play catch-up since there was a long block of time when I didn’t post at all.


This was taken sometime this past spring since my hair is multicolored (it’s currently a bright red). Fun story – I attempted to dye my hair a deep purple but it didn’t pan out. It turned out to be a haphazard multicolor of purple, pink, blonde, and think there was some fuchsia in there. Instead of re-dying my hair or wearing wigs, I rocked the hell out of that shit. I didn’t mess with my hair and just let it grow out so there was one more color of dark brown (my natural hair color though it appears to be black in this photo). I received a lot of compliments on it, strangely, from people who weren’t Black.

Normally, I wouldn’t censor a breastfeeding photo but I was showing areola in this pic and even I thought that might have been too much (even though my primary audience are women and you probably don’t care).

We were at the Flower Garden park near USC. It was a nice day. We went to Chik-Fil-A for lunch (love their chicken though I hate their anti-gay stance) and just enjoyed ourselves in the park. Great times.


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