We saw our MFM this past Friday. I also received another NST. Yoda bear is doing fabulous and great! We got a great pic of him when he wasn’t trying to cover his face with an arm. He officially has Mommy’s lips. Oh dear. My son is going to be a heartbreaker. I need to … More Technologic

So Fresh, So Clean

I’ve been totally slacking on sharing things I have purchased for Yoda bear. I will show you a few things I did receive recently via mail or the baby shower. Let’s start off with the major purchase (probably the most expensive one) for Yoda bear – his stroller:   After doing a lot of research … More So Fresh, So Clean

Future Baby Mama

This FBM post is special because I get to debut two pictures from the weekend. A few of you may have already seen these since I finally “announced” on Facebook and Instagram. (More on that in a later post). Here is a picture from my maternity photo shoot:   We were in my hometown of … More Future Baby Mama