I have spent a small fortune on this child so far. I’m not really into designer labels or fashions, though I occasionally splurge on a very nice handbag or jewelry. I think it’s something I’ve inherited from my grandmother and mother. They’ve always had nice jewelry and things, neither believing in putting it on credit. They both figured if they really wanted something, they would save up to afford it – a trait I hope to pass down to my children. (Think of the feeling of accomplishment – knowing you worked hard to earn something and you finally got it.)

I love sales. Love them, love them, love them. Who doesn’t love a good deal? So when Macy’s had a sale recently, I had to snag some choice items that I otherwise would not buy if they were regular price:

photo (4) photo (3)

I love Ralph Lauren Polo. I bought M. several of them for his work. I figured Yoda and Daddy should match. These onesies/jumpies are normally $35 each. I got them on sale for $11 each.

photo (2)

Calvin Klein was also on sale. $10 and some change.


And of course, a Star Wars shirt. A little over $7.

How much money have I spent on Yoda so far? A LOT.


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