We saw our MFM this past Friday. I also received another NST. Yoda bear is doing fabulous and great! We got a great pic of him when he wasn’t trying to cover his face with an arm. He officially has Mommy’s lips. Oh dear. My son is going to be a heartbreaker. I need to get out the shovels and shotguns. Forget daddies being protective of their little girls; I’m about to be the heifer-filter.

“You might want to consider a c-section…”

It’s one thing when one doctor suggests a c-section; it’s an entirely different ballpark when you get an unsolicited second opinion from another doctor suggesting the same thing. Though my MFM scheduled me to get my cerclage removed the week of Halloween, I’m not sure if it’s necessary. If there’s a chance I’ll be having a c-section, there’s no point of getting the cerclage removed, which was my OB’s point. My MFM was very clear, however, that the absolute last day I’ll be pregnant is the November 18th due date and I’m pretty sure my OB will say the same thing when I see him this week.

I already have a few people in the anti- c-section camp, for understandable reasons. However, my situation is quite different. It’s not like I’m scared of a vaginal birth but I have two doctors who are concerned about Yoda’s health as well as mine. My doctors have not sugar-coated their opinions or advice to me throughout the pregnancy so I know when they suggest something, they’re clearly seeing something I’m not seeing. I know the recovery will be difficult and I might have to undergo another c-section next time around if the cerclage will be permanent. I am not naive about how serious a c-section is and that it is major surgery; I’m well aware of the risks. Yet, my only concern at this point is for Yoda to be delivered happy and healthy; I really don’t care what method he comes out.

M and I did complete childbirth classes just in case I do a vaginal birth. We learned the many different breathing techniques which I need to practice because I did get lightheaded. Our favorite one is the Hee-hee-hee-hooooooo technique. My tongue dries out pretty quickly so I have to stick it to the roof of my mouth whenever I do that. I also got to practice laboring on an exercise ball, which was neat. My favorite method is leaning on M as he sways me side to side and rubs my lower back. I recommend everyone should do that even if they’re not pregnant.

We learned the five senses/focal points. We decided for smell, we’ll open up a peppermint candle; for taste, popsicles; sight, a movie; touch, a massage; and lastly for hearing, some soft music. We received the pre-registration paperwork for Yoda to bring with us to the hospital when I get ready to deliver. Now it’s just waiting time. I could be giving birth as early as next month.


Now I just have to pack the hospital bag and the diaper bag. Yes, I did get a diaper bag at my shower! It’s so stylish! I’ll update that along with some more baby shower swag in another post.


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