Here We Go Again

The waiting game. I remember years ago, when we were first trying to conceive, people kept saying how stressful the two week wait (2WW) was. Meh, I beg to differ. It’s everything in preparation before the 2WW. Did I take the Fertibella today? We have to have sex tonight! Am I drinking enough green tea? … More Here We Go Again

The Humpty Dance

I’m currently on CD 12 and we’re doing the Sperm Meets Egg Plan. I found some old OPKs from years ago (I think they’re still good) and I’ve been checking my CM, which has been egg white. I was a little surprised to see Mr. Happy Face early morning today. Not sure if it’s the Fertibella or … More The Humpty Dance

TTC unsolicited advice

For those who are still trying, I’ll tell you what I did. Keep in mind, it wasn’t just one solid thing. If anything, it was a perfect storm: Acupuncture (it really calmed down my nerves and made me focus on things that weren’t pregnancy/baby-related) Exercising daily (Again, just to calm my nerves and besides, I … More TTC unsolicited advice

And so it begins…

After one year of trying, taking a break, trying again, doing away with the tempting and just said, ‘eff it’, I’m pregnant! A little background on me: I’m foxxy. You can call me foxxy. I started my TTC journey in December 2010. We suffered a miscarriage in April 2011 and fell pregnant again in July … More And so it begins…