Future Baby Mama…Soon?


It’s about that time.


I’m currently on CD 9 and I’ll start tracking my ovulation in a couple of days. Ideally, I would’ve already been pregnant with Rainbow Baby #2 and possibly, would’ve given birth. Life is funny that way. You have an idea of how you want things to go and oops, not quite.

I’m excited. The more round preggo tummies I’m seeing, the more I want to be pregnant again. I’m also little apprehensive. I’m 35 (yeah, really I am; Black don’t crack!), so time isn’t on my side nowadays. I was 32 when I gave birth to Ethan and just turned 34 when I gave birth to Bo. I’m officially AMA or Advanced Maternal Age. I hate that term. It makes me sound all geriatric.

I’m trying to get more in shape. I’ve been walking a ton (upwards to 20 miles a week) and I’ve recently began meditating to calm my spirit and my nerves (a great app called Stop, Breathe, and Think helps a lot). So whenever you hear me say I’m not trying to get on a diet or actively lose weight, that’s why.

I’m going to order the Fertibella again and see what happens. I don’t know for sure if it helped me get pregnant last time but I don’t know if it didn’t. A part of me wonders if I’ll be able to handle two small children under 3. A part of me wonders if this will be my only chance. I also wonder if my fibroids are also under control so it won’t impede with the growth of said baby.

I wonder, wonder, wonder.

So wish us luck! I’ll keep everyone informed of the progress of how it’s coming along. Hopefully, I’ll have some great news to share soon! ❤



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