Here We Go Again

The waiting game.

I remember years ago, when we were first trying to conceive, people kept saying how stressful the two week wait (2WW) was. Meh, I beg to differ. It’s everything in preparation before the 2WW. Did I take the Fertibella today? We have to have sex tonight! Am I drinking enough green tea? Maybe I should’ve grabbed that pineapple and pomegranate juice from the store when I had the chance…


So I’m not tracking my temperature. Honestly, it’s too stressful to do that and I have a pretty good idea on how to track my cycles without using a thermometer. I have tracked my CM, used an OPK, and have had plenty of sex.

Now we wait.


According to Fertility Friend and Countdown to Pregnancy, I’m 2 DPO. I, for one, am particularly glad I’m finally in the 2WW because I can stop stressing about having enough sex and drinking more than my fair share of green tea. Now I can relax until a couple of weeks for now when I’m itching to test.

I decided I will definitely be vlogging about this experience and hopefully, give some encouragement to other TTC after 35 mothers. Plus, I’m sure you would love to see Bear in his glory. 🙂 I’ll post later this week with a link to the YouTube channel and hopefully, will have a video up!

In closing, I leave this pic of Bear at the park. He’s getting so big now!

IMG_0102 (1)


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