Let me tell you about buckwheat

No, not the fictional character, the food.

I was recently introduced to buckwheat by the hubs. I honestly didn’t know it existed but once I tried it, I found that I liked it. I also found it has numerous health benefits I think you might like.


I would love to say it’s a hidden gem within the clean living/vegan/vegetarian community but chances are, some of you may have known about it already. And like the picture above, the benefits of buckwheat totally make this a food you must have in your staple.  (It’s new to me, but it’s also super yummy!)

Recently, my hubby made buckwheat. He added a few veggies and Ukranian salo to it. I did add a little sea salt for taste. It actually came out really good! (I have to note because my hubby did use salo, this particular version of buckwheat isn’t vegan or vegetarian.)

Cooked buckwheat with tomato, green onions, and Ukrainian salo.

I have to admit the biggest benefit of buckwheat is the fiber content. I need to get a little gross here for a moment, but if you have trouble “going,” this will help you ease with that process.

I strongly believe you can solve some medical issues by what you consume and how active you are as oppose to taking supplements or drugs. So, if you’re having problems “going”, put down the Metamucil and pick up a bowl of buckwheat.

There are so many buckwheat recipes to try from, so give them a shot! And let me know what recipe you tried in the comments!


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