Kidspace Adventures

So, a while back, Bear and I went to visit Kidspace in our neighboring Pasadena. We’ve never been there before so I didn’t know what to expect. I will tell you it was so much fun!

Kidspace is a science-based adventure park where kids can do science experiments, play with insects, and just get away from the tablets and video games. I highly, highly recommend it!

The entry way to Kidspace is hella cool!


You can bring food and drinks (definitely recommend water because it gets hella hot with all of the running around). It is stroller-friendly but there is an area to park the strollers because you will be climbing over some rocks, traveling through gravel, and well…just be getting dirty.

If you’re going with just going with your kid(s), I recommend going in the early afternoon, so you’re missing the school crowds. The hours are from 9:30 AM – 5:00 PM.

This was an area where Bear could create…well, anything really. It was like a makeshift Lego area but the blue stuff was surprisingly soft and durable.

This is when Bear was trying to create a rollercoaster. It took a lot more effort and patience than I thought it would. You don’t think you’ll get into building a rollercoaster but once you start, you really try to get into the logistics of it. Every parent who was doing it was acting the same way, LOL.


Can I tell you how colorful the outside area was? So colorful!

I will note that Kidspace does have several indoor areas, but I was too busy trying to navigate Bear to fully take photographs of it.

Overall, I do recommend it. If you have a AAA card, you can get a discount on your tickets like we did!



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