Scary Times.

There’s nothing like attending a music festival.

My husband and I have attended many over the years. The last one we went to was when Bear wasn’t quite a year old. We went to see Parliament Funkadelic and other acts. In fact, I can say Bear’s first music festival was when he was a toddler:

Us at Parliament Funkadelic back in 2014.


There is such a community with people at a music festival, you know? You vibe with each other. You make fast friends. Hell, some even find their soul mate and get married. You all share the same love for music and just forget about life for a few hours.

Maks and I have gone to several music festivals and we still talk about those memories years later because they were just so fun.

Our first rave together back in 2008.


Even though I have a tendency of getting political on this blog, I’ll leave out the politics for this post. Regardless of what anyone feels, many lives were lost and for really, no reason other than being at the right place during the wrong time.

Us at the last EDC Los Angeles in 2009.

No one goes to a music festival and thinks this is their last day on earth. No one goes to work and think they’re going to die that day. No kid goes to school, wondering when they’re going to do die. No one goes to a nightclub, knowing they’re going to get killed. No one goes to a movie theater just to get shot.

I pray for humanity. I pray for leadership. I pray for change.


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