Viewing the Rose Parade Floats!

If you ever come to Pasadena to view the parade, I do recommend staying to look at the floats. It’s an amazing experience and I think this just became a new favorite of mine for years to come.  … More Viewing the Rose Parade Floats!


New Home, New Start!

So, we recently moved. Yeah. I didn’t mention it at all on this blog because well, it was hella short notice and honestly speaking, we’re still moving. We moved from our wonderful neighborhood of Highland Park to nearby neighboring Pasadena. Not a bad shake! I can’t get into details about said move other than the … More New Home, New Start!

Kidspace Adventures

So, a while back, Bear and I went to visit Kidspace in our neighboring Pasadena. We’ve never been there before so I didn’t know what to expect. I will tell you it was so much fun! Kidspace is a science-based adventure park where kids can do science experiments, play with insects, and just get away … More Kidspace Adventures

Anniversary Pics

It’s been a few days since I’ve posted but I wanted to share our anniversary outing last Saturday: The pictures are mostly in black and white because the venues we went to were dark inside. Shout-out to my hubby for taking most of the photos! It was really nice to go out by ourselves sans … More Anniversary Pics