All About the Bear!



It’s a been while since I’ve done a post on just Bear and nothing but so here it goes!

Weight: Around 25 lbs. Since we switched to a new insurance, I haven’t been able to get him to his pedi yet, but soon.

Height: A little over 3 feet (3’3 to be exact). Yeah, he’s a tall kid.


Likes: House music. Thomas the Train. Super Why. Curious George. Dinosaur Train. My homemade chili. Homemade spaghetti. French fries. Vanilla ice cream. Jimmy Fallon (WTF??)

Dislikes: Carrots (he’s never liked them in infancy and still doesn’t like them now). Little Einsteins. Anything Disney. Bedtime. My parents house. Key and Peele (WTF???).


Say What?: I’m not sure how many words he can say but I know he can count up to 10 in English and often says “What’s that?” or “Right there!” He knows how to say purple, Gordon (as in the train, Gordon), Sushi (our cat), and Daddy. Still no word on Mommy. ┬áHe said it once his first year and well, that was it. -_- We’re still teaching him Russian and hope to have him bilingual by kindergarten.

What’s Next?: We’re sticking to teaching him colors and the English alphabet. Then, it will be Russian colors and the Russian alphabet. We’re trying to do full immersion which the goal is for me to be near fluent in Russian as well. I’m getting better with it!

And of course, potty training but that might be a few months away still.




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