How Prince Inspired Me 2 B Free


I debated writing this post.

While most people can claim they’re Prince fans (and I’m sure just about everyone is), he resonating something deeper within me.

Being a creative, I’m in a special category. In a world where people feel they can dictate how you should act, perform, and create, you’re often toeing the line between doing your own thing and actually pleasing the audience. Of course, many creatives just please the audience member that matters the most: themselves.


I could relate to Prince on how private he was. You want to reveal just enough but not too much. I have very few close friends I trust and these are people who’ve known me since childhood. Most of my friends and family know purple is my favorite color as 7 is also my favorite number, the same as Prince.

If you followed the blog for a few years, each time I made a bump picture post, I used Future Baby Mama as a title, which is a Prince song. Maks and I were so lucky to see him in concert five years ago and it’s a memory I’ll forever cherish. Best concert of my life.

I sometimes use Prince gifs in my posts and I can count songs like “Boys & Girls”, “7”, “Cream”, “Beginning Endlessly”, “ANOTHERLOVE”, and “Breakfast Can Wait” as a few of my favorites that aren’t the more popular standards.


Mourning his death but celebrating his life is a different kind of pain for me. When Michael Jackson died a few years ago, I remember being in a blur for that summer. And since I’d received word about Prince’s sudden death two days ago, I put a hold onto all projects I was working on. Honestly, I think I would’ve been more productive if I was in bed all day than attempting to do any writing or creative planning. While MJ’s death affected me as a lifelong fan, Prince’s passing affected me as a creative.


Prince taught me it was okay to not always be popular. He taught me it was okay if people mocked me for my beliefs. He “told” me it was fine if I wrote for myself and not for any audience.

Furthermore, he told me it was completely fine to just be me. And I’ve never been more free. 

So, while the world mourns Prince, I shed some tears of joy as well as sorrow, I thank him for inspiring me and my subconscious in ways I couldn’t have imagine. The world lost a tremendous spirit but the afterlife gained an incredible person.



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