A Whole New World

Before I dive more into this topic, I need to disclose a few things. While I have a broad view of the world and what things that occur, I also have a narrow view of it at times (which I feel most people have). That being said, I have to share some things.

Last year, I think by accident really, I was introduced to the Mixed Remixed Festival. It’s a festival catered to the mixed-race experience and open to all (it’s also free). Maks and I went not only as an interracial couple but also being the parents of a biracial child. It was really cool to be there. We met other families and listened to panelists discussing their mixed-race experiences.

So, as I created content for the vlog and expanded this blog, I started to research more. It’s a community I really didn’t know how wide and diverse it really is. You see, I don’t really think of too many things in just black and white, left and right, up and down. There’s always grey, there’s always a circle, there’s always a curve.

Every interracial couple/family is different. We may have a few things in common but it’s our differences that really separate us. Many of our friends are in IR relationships and it’s crazy when we all get together because it looks like an ad for Benetton.


It is nice to see another IR couple and give a head-nod to them like, ‘Hey, we understand.’ In another blog post, I’ll share comments Maks and I have received over the years and believe me, it’s not the We Are the World/Kumbaya variety. If you’ve seen our vlogs, I also make it a point not to have ‘interracial’ in the title anywhere for the videos. I would rather you see us as an IR couple secondary to our respective careers and achievements.

Soon, I would love to featureĀ other IR couples and families on here so if you’re interested, give me a shout at blussianmommy@gmail.com. (If you’re in the LA area, that’s a huge bonus because maybe we can meet somewhere and chit-chat!)




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