Can’t Tell Me Nothing -Baby Review Edition

It’s funny when you become an expectant parent.*

There is just so….much…shit…to choose from. Really, there is.

And every company is like a drug dealer…’Hey baby…you know want this high chair. It’ll make you feel real good.’

So, today’s post is about the hits and misses of things we had purchased or used over the past two years. If I can save you a bit of heartache (and money!), I’ve done my job.

Let’s start off with the Misses:



Seriously, this kid has never used a pacifier in his life. Any picture of him with one in his mouth, he spit it out very shortly afterward. The pacifiers and the pacifier clips we bought were a complete Waste. Of. Money.


My son and Pampers just never mixed. Despite being told by many that Pampers were better for boys, I have to disagree. My boy and his blowouts were legendary in Pampers. While he may occasionally leak in his Huggies, he has never had a blowout in them. I have to say no to Pampers. That also includes the wipes. I found the wipes were dry.

Swaddle wrap

photo 5

My kid is an anomaly. He’s never liked being swaddled. Even in the hospital, he would kick out of them (real talk!). So while we only purchased two, it was a waste of money.

Cloth diapers


This is probably the only item on this list that’s both a hit and a miss. I went into great detail on my experiences with cloth (see To cloth diaper or nah? for a refresher). Now, I’m not saying cloth diapering was a waste of money and time. If anything, it’s actually saved us a ton of money (which is why this is also a hit). However, cloth diapering, like many things natural, takes up a lot of time and energy. From finding the right cloth diaper, to cleaning them (which also takes up a lot of time) to having the financial means to build a stash, you have to be full-blown committed to it. Don’t pursue cloth diapering because it’s the ‘in’ thing to do and all of the cool kids are doing it. There is nothing wrong with strictly using disposables. Do your research and decide if this is something you really want to pursue.

Pack n’ Play

Honestly, we used this more for storage than anything. It was actually donated to us by family and I’m really glad we never paid for it. I don’t think Bear even slept in it and he really was not a fan of being inside it at any given time. So for us, this was a no-go.

Baby Rocker

This isn’t the one that we received but we were donated one similar. Again, Bear didn’t care for it. He spent a couple of minutes in it before he had enough.


Now that we know what I hated, let’s talk about what I lurved



For some reason, my kid has taken a liking to Huggies. They hold a lot more and as a result, are also a bit more expensive. However, they do the job. I never had an issue with Huggies other than running out.


photo 1 (2)

There are many breastfeeding pillows out on the market today. And it seems like there’s a new one debuting every year. Yet, Boppy has always held its own and remains one of the best ones to purchase. I never had any issues with my Boppy and it came in very handy during those first few months. Highly recommend.

Wipe Warmer


Bear was born during the fall and even in the hospital, he didn’t take too kindly to cold water on his bum. Some think wipe warmers are a waste of money but for us, especially in the colder months, they’ve been right on time.

Aden + Anais Burping Cloths

photo 5-1

Now, this is a pricey brand. It doesn’t matter if you purchase them from Target, Amazon, or where ever, you’re going to be spending some money. However, this cloths are the business. I have wiped Bear’s mouth full of guacamole, mac n’ cheese, spaghetti, and these cloths are still white! Can’t beat that! Get them! It’ll change your life.

Portable Rocker

photo 1-1


This came in very handy when Bear was a newborn and even now when he’s a toddler. While we didn’t pay as much as it’s currently being advertised, we definitely can say we got our monies worth. If you have to get a rocker for your child, I suggest getting one that can convert to a toddler chair.

Sophie the Giraffe


Now, Sophie is expensive. When we purchased her, she was a little under $20 and now I’m seeing her retail close to $30. She, however, works and is a saint when you kid starts teething.

Child restraint/Leash


I have to admit, I love this product. I didn’t think I would but I honestly do. It gives Bear freedom and lets him explore his independence while we still have a firm grasp on him. As he’s becoming more and more independent and resisting the stroller, it’s definitely come in handy.

Cloth diapers


Again, as I said before, cloth diapers did save us a ton of money and trust me, you feel that relief each time you do laundry. Cloth diapers also double as swim trunks so save your money to purchase special swim diapers!  Now, we live in an apartment so we don’t necessarily have to worry about a water bill. If we lived in a home, it might be a different story.

So, those are my hits and misses. If you’re expecting, wait until after the baby shower to shop for the big ticket items such as strollers, cribs, etc. You’ll be amazed how much people are willing to donate when they hear you’re about to have a baby. Many of our items (big ticket and small) were pure donations from friends, coworkers, and family.

My advice is a lot of baby items are space-consuming so ask yourself if it’s something you really need. Chances are, you don’t. The next post I will share some of my money-saving tips!


*Not currently pregnant but seeing what happens in life!


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