Golddigger (Gap store)

That one time I spent $45 at the Gap.

Don’t get me wrong. I love the Gap. I like Old Navy and sometimes when I can afford it, Banana Republic (since they’re all under the same umbrella). Bear has quite a few clothes from Old Navy and the Gap and I had all of my maternity wardrobe from Old Navy (I was heavily pregnant during the summer so my wardrobe consisted of long or short dresses).

Just recently, I remembered why I don’t really shop at the Gap unless there’s a major sale going on.

I think it was Black Friday when I purchased my clothing. I’m trying to lighten and freshen up my wardrobe and get out of the blacks and grays I became so fond of when I worked. Adding splashes of colors and cute clothes that don’t necessarily suggest I’m a Mom (we all know that means, don’t trip) is the way to go.

When I did receive my clothes, two of the shirts didn’t look good on me so I went to exchange them and get Bear something since he’s growing at a rapid rate. Keep in mind, my clothes were 50% off so they came out to just a little under $30.

My clothes + super sale = 50% off.

Bear’s clothes were not on sale. It was a shirt and skinny jeans (why in the blue hell are there skinny jean for toddlers? Can someone explain that to me?) Yet, they were just too super cute to pass up (Moms, don’t you hate that?).

His clothing? $45.

Let’s repeat that one more time for the people in the back – his clothes (just a top and jeans) + no sale = full price.

Since I exchanged the clothing, really, I only paid about $15. But still, I can’t get over just two items of Bear’s clothing is $45.

What’s the most you paid for your children’s clothing?



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