Show You the Way to Go

For those new to the blog, I often use song titles to describe either my post or how I’m feeling. Sometimes it makes sense and sometimes it doesn’t. But either way, you’re getting some good music to listen to!



All of that hair.


An abundance.





While I like to playfully complain about my son’s hair, the requests and suggestions to cut his hair are becoming louder. Apparently people still don’t like little boys with a lot of hair. I wish those same people would kiss every inch of my ass, but I digress…

As Bear’s hair is growing at a rapid rate, I decided to vlog my experience with taking care of it.


2 thoughts on “Show You the Way to Go

  1. This was helpful, thank you! I’m white and my daughter is biracial so I’m always looking for curly hair tips! We’ve been using Mixed Chicks kids shampoo and leave in conditioner and like it so far! She’s only 15 months old, so I look forward to your next tips and reviews to see what to try next!

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    1. Thank you! It’s a learning experience for me since I never had to care for biracial hair so I hope to learn more tricks and tips myself! I heard the Mixed Chicks brand is a good one as well so I definitely want to try that out!


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