Can You Feel It?

Today is the King of Pop’s birthday. Here’s a rad fact – both of my kids’ middle names – Michael – is in honor of him. True story! (Though I pronounce Bear’s middle name as Mikhail. It sounds better than way, IMO.)

Creating a vlog channel is a little more difficult than I’d imagined.

I looked through some other vloggers, just to get an idea of what they do and it’s so fascinating. Some have opening credits (though we are working on ours) and some have really professional looking shots and web episodes. Some vloggers get all personal with their business – something I’m not a fan of but if they like it, I love it. Some are clearly doing it for the likes and money.

My motivation is more to help.

I haven’t seen too many TTC after 35 vlogs and I thought, ‘Wow, if you’re 35 and trying to get pregnant, no one really cares. That kinda sucks.’ So hopefully, my vlogging experience will help someone out and let them know they’re not alone in this journey.

As the video mentioned above, I’m not sure what’s going on. I don’t want to set myself up for failure. I can vividly recall one cycle a few years ago where I tested a bunch of times, my luteal phase was longer than usual, and I had all of the pregnancy symptoms, and I still wasn’t pregnant. I think my period came on CD 31. So yeah, I’m highly resisting the urge to test anytime before 10 DPO and even then, I’m not sure.

I have a screenplay competition coming up on Monday and another one in a few weeks so I’m going to spend my next few days focusing on those. Hopefully I’ll be so busy, I wouldn’t care about testing until my period goes missing.


I end this blog post with a picture from last night’s outing. We went to Dark Nights L.A. at L.A. Live. It’s a vendor and arts fair. We saw live artists, heard some pretty good music, and had a great time. Bear was a little confused and didn’t want to be in his stroller at all (which reminds me I need to start bringing his carrier with us). I think the below picture says it all. 🙂



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