We Are Family

Last year when I was pregnant, M. and I went on a date night every week. We mainly did it because we knew how much things would change between us when Yoda was born and plus, we do like to go out. Now that Yoda bear is here, our date nights are a bit different. While we haven’t actually gone out alone yet, we do find ways to incorporate Yoda in our plans so we all have fun.

We’ve been venturing to Grand Park in Downtown L.A. It’s a huge park and it’s estimated to be 12 acres. I guess it’s LA’s version of New York’s Grand Central Park. I have to admit I’ve never been to a park that has a Starbucks in the middle of it. Pretty cool. Totally L.A.

We walked around Downtown L.A. for a bit last night, just exploring. I’ve been trying to get into shape and hit 750 walking miles by the end of the year so needless to say, we walked a lot last night. It was really fun! We saw the skyscrapers and some other buildings we haven’t previously seen before.

On our way back home, we took the Metrolink, which is L.A.’s version of a subway station. We met a 21-year-old biracial man. He asked if Yoda was our baby and we replied with yes and he said he was the product of an interracial marriage as well. His mother is White and father, Black. I asked him what did he consider himself and he said biracial. He considered himself having the best of both worlds and that there should be more biracial babies in the world.

It made me smile.

On a daily basis, we’ve been teaching Yoda bear Russian and English. He responds to both. We watch Russian cartoons in the morning and English cartoons in the afternon. In the future, we’ll give him lessons about his cultures so he’s well-aware of his history.

I’m excited for the future.



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