Baby, I’m a Star!

Has it really been almost a month since I last posted? I’m sorry. That sucks.

Between trying to get my writing career back on track and still getting used to this SAHM thing, I’ve neglected this blog. Bad foxxy. I need to do better.

For a mea culpa, here’s a recent photo of Yoda bear:

photo (47)


M. started bringing up the topic of trying again. Ideally, I would love Yoda and his sibling(s) to be close in age and under two years if at all possible. I say ideally because honestly, I don’t know how it’s going to go. We still have that issue of my pesky fibroids as well as being realistic of conceiving another baby in under two years time.

There’s no rush…hmm, maybe that’s a lie. There is a bit of a rush. Believe it or not, I’ll be 35 years old (yeah, Black don’t crack) and I really don’t want to be a pregnant 40-year-old. There’s nothing wrong with women who are/were; it’s just a personal preference. (Fun fact: originally, I didn’t want any children until I was 40. Go figure.)

We have to consider a few other things, namely space. We officially outgrew our two bedroom, two bathroom apartment. Our only choice now is to get a home. Trying to buy a home in L.A for a reasonable price sounds like a wild fantasy. Buying a home in Palm Springs, my hometown, is a reality.

Of course, that’s the downside – Palm Springs. Don’t get me wrong – I love Palm Springs and rep it every time. L.A. is full of diversity and neat little fun things to do for free, whereas Palm Springs is a tourist spot. M. and I did decide we’ll retire there, however, so we are going to buy a home there probably within the next five years.

Back to the subject, we do plan to start trying again in a couple of months. It might take me a year again; it might take shorter. Hell, it might take longer. I’m excited at the prospect. Since it’ll be another c-section (as with every pregnancy from this moment on), I have to really consider how many times I want to go through that. I told M. three c-sections were going to be my limit. We shall see.

I would love to have three rainbow babies but you know what? I’ll take whatever God gives me.


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