Happy Anniversary to Us!

Nine years ago, we decided to forgo all of the fancy wedding planning and just get hitched at the Beverly Hills Courthouse. The original intent was to get married at San Francisco City Hall and then have a celebration for everyone.

While I’m still salty I didn’t pursue that original idea, I do hope to have something planned for our 10th wedding anniversary next year. Maybe not a vow renewal, but maybe something for all of our friends and family to come and enjoy. A reception without the wedding thing.

For now, here are some photos of us throughout the years! Enjoy!

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Bear is five.

It’s crazy to think five years ago, I won the lottery.

That’s exactly how I felt when Is aw Bear for the very first time. It honestly felt like I won the lottery. Life couldn’t have gotten any better.

I just love this little boy so much. He’s my world, my encourager, my coach, one of my best friends, and he’s just an amazing kid.

I love him so.


I can’t wait to see what his future will bring.

Happy Birthday, Bear. I wish you love, success, happiness, and a wonderful life. My beautiful child.

Our Trip to the L.A. Zoo!

For my birthday, we went to the L.A. Zoo. I haven’t been to the zoo in a very long time and it was my first visit to the L.A. Zoo since I moved to L.A. some 10 years back.

The zoo was much bigger than I thought it was going to be. In fact, it was so big, we didn’t have time to fully experience all of the exhibits. Next time, we’ll leave earlier and have more time to plan our day.

All in all, it was an amazing experience. We went on a weekday (which was on my birthday), so it wasn’t too crowded. As always, I recommend visiting exhibits, theme parks, and the like during a weekday if you can. There are a ton of less crowds but also you’ll have a better experience and not so crowded.


Bear was told to put his hand out and we thought they were going to photoshop some image. Turns out they didn’t. WTH, yo?
I bought a popcorn bag and Bear was gracious enough to give me a single popcorn. 
We all fed a giraffe. That was super dope. 
Kodak Portra 400 on Asahi Pentax 6x7 with 135mm
Hub-hubs took a nice photo of me with my Jody Watley earrings. (No, she doesn’t have a brand but I call them that.)

For more pics, click on the slideshow:

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Summer Recap

We did a lot this summer and it was a lot of fun. From swimming to the beach to just enjoying life! Though I do wish we did just a bit more, I’m proud we accomplished a lot. So, let’s go!

Swimming lessons:


If you followed my IG stories, we enrolled Bear into swimming. It was rather coaxing to get him to take his lessons and lots of promises were made (and kept). I wouldn’t call Bear a swimmer but he knows the basics. We’re going to enroll him again this fall.



Sadly, we didn’t go to the beach very much! We actually only went once but we went on a special day – our 10 year anniversary!


That was pretty cool to explore Long Beach. We haven’t been there in a long while and it was just nice to be surrounded by the ocean breeze. We got to see dolphins swimming! It was for a brief moment; so brief I couldn’t capture a pic, but it was a cool experience!

Enjoying the new place:


We’ve had quite  a few ups and downs in our new place and tbh, we’re so over it. However, it was nice to have Bear experience having a front yard and a back yard.


Besides, how often does an ice cream truck pull up in front of your house? C’mon!

Gun range:

It was my first time shooting a gun and it was very cathartic. No matter where you stand on the gun control issue, I do recommend every woman should learn how to shoot a gun if need be.



This summer we had several epic heat waves so my garden that kicked all sorts of booty during the spring was flopping harder than a Katherine Heigel movie. But I managed to get something!


Being a kid:


I had Bear participate in a lot of kid activities where he could just enjoy himself. I mean, yeah, I’m dope, but sometimes Bear needs someone his own age and size? LOL. It was fun to let him just run around.

Now Bear is starting his final year of preschool and I’m researching many schools around our old neighborhood since we’ll be moving back there pretty soon. Now I get to have Bear in school full-time next year and eh….I’m not sure how I can handle that, LOL.

8 Years

It’s weird looking back at our wedding eight years ago. Originally I wanted to get married in San Francisco at City Hall. I’m still kicking myself that I didn’t stick to that plan. That was the original reason why I got married in my favorite color, purple, because I knew it would look great with the gold at S.F. City Hall.

But it didn’t happen.

No disappointments because I ultimately got what I wanted – a great marriage to a wonderful man. We’ve had our ups and downs like all marriages, so I’m not about to give marriage advice. I will say it’s easier to be married to your best friend, than to some person you’re not sure you recognize anymore.

Our anniversary this year was rather subdued. We’re almost out of our old apartment so we spent a good part of the weekend moving and cleaning. The next several weekends are pretty booked between Easter, birthday parties and a spontaneous wedding we were invited to in San Francisco (but not at city hall). We’ll have to figure out when to properly celebrate our wedding anniversary but for now, I’ll leave pictures: