My Saving Grace


I’m going to be frank – I’m not looking forward to Mother’s Day this year. Or any year, for that matter.

You can’t blame me. I was supposed to have a baby in 2012. Instead, I spent 2011 mourning two losses; one being a late-term loss (Ethan).

Being celebrated on Mother’s Day when I feel someone is missing is a bit skewed.

I don’t know if it’ll ever get better, honestly.  I can have more children and I still don’t know if Mother’s Day will ever be great. I spent the last two Mother’s Day fairly quiet. I’m going to spend this one pretty quiet as well. Well, as quiet as somebody will let me. See Exhibit A.



M. did make me smile the other day with a really nice gift:



With a really nice letter attached to it:



JESBM stands for jellybean, Ethan, Sushi, Bo, and M. (If you may recall, jellybean was my first pregnancy that ended in a miscarriage.)

I’m really blessed I have such a wonderful partner. We don’t have a lot of money, nice things, and all that jazz, but our love for one another makes us rich.

I hope you have a wonderful Mother’s Day.


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