I’m sure I used that title before.

Today I had my cerclage removed. It was an eventful day. Let’s count the struggles…

My MFM’s office usually calls the day before an appointment to confirm. I didn’t get receive a call yesterday but I didn’t pay too much attention to it and just thought it was an oversight. Heh. Note to everyone – if a doctor’s office usually calls to remind you of an appointment and they don’t, you call them.

M and I arrive to the appointment and sign in. My MFM’s office is always busy no matter what time of day or what day of the week. It’s horrible. My appointment could be at 10:30 and I probably won’t be seen until noon. It’s something we’re used to. So, we thought everything would be cool today. We waited in the hallway since there were no seats available and we thought (logically), they would come out and check to see if we’re in the hallway or at least call my cell phone on record.

They didn’t.

After an hour, I sent M. back inside the office to inquire about whether we should go out to lunch while they go through the long waiting list. Turns out, not only did they not attempt to come see if we were in the hallway, they didn’t even have me listed to get my cerclage removed.


Yeah, that was pretty much our faces.

So M and I had a, ‘Oh you got to be fucking kidding us’ type of silent reaction, the receptionists sent us out to lunch and told us they will call. Over lunch, I took the advice of a fellow IC mama, Jaimee, and had two extra strength Tylenol to help with the pain before the removal. We went out to lunch and sure enough within the hour, they called, eager for us to come back. We went back to the office and checked in, and ready for the show to get on the road. My MFM came in shortly after and started the examination. My cerclage, a double-stitched Shirodkar, was holding steady and my cervix measured at 3.5.

Now comes the fun part.

If you ever had a pap smear, you know those damn things are uncomfortable as all hell. Well, add some excruiating pain to them and you got yourself a cerclage removal. Yeah, it’s pretty much like that. I didn’t see the cerclage being removed but M did and said it reminded him of cable ties. Heh. I had some heavy duty reinforcement up in there! Afterward, I did bleed for a bit (which is common) but I wasn’t in any more pain. The pain, while it hurt very much, only lasted a few moments as the cerclage was being removed.

So you’re probably thinking, well, this is it, right? That was the appointment? I wish.

After the removal and during the general examination, there was a scheduled fire alarm and we had to evacuate the building. Yeah, we had to freakin’ evacuate the building. I thank God the fire drill didn’t occur during the removal or that would’ve really sucked. So I had to dress up, evacuate along with the other preggos and go down three flights of stairs, and wait outside until it was safe for us to go back in. We didn’t have to wait long but it was an inconvenience.

After we got the go-ahead to go back in, we went back to the examination. Yoda was being stubborn (like Daddy) and refused to let us see his face, though he did throw up the Black fist to us.


Once the general examination was done, I had to for my NST to make sure Yoda wasn’t in stress and he passed with flying colors. Happy and exhausted, we finally went home. It was the final appointment at my MFM’s office.

For those keeping score at home, let’s add up the totals:

Time we left our apartment: 10:45

Time we arrived for our appointment: 11:15

Time of appointment: 11:30

Time we were actually seen: 2:00 PM

Time we arrived home: 5 PM

A very long and emotionally exhausting day but we got the end result that we wanted – the cerclage is out. Yoda is measuring just an ounce shy of seven pounds and is expected to make his award-winning debut within a week.

And now we wait.


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