Tomorrow is the big day.

The day I get my cerclage removed.

It’s cray-cray to think that back in May, I posted about how nervous I was to get the cerclage implanted. Then I posted about how my recovery was going. Now I’m posting on the eve of its removal.

I never thought I would make it this far. Not that I was expecting the same thing that happened to Ethan to happen to Bogdan (Yoda) but with a late loss, you never feel comfortable.

Truth is, I still don’t quite feel comfortable but it’s more pregnancy-related than anxiety.

Getting the transvaginal cerclage was a huge risk and it paid off. I knew the risks and the spectacular failure rate. Both of my doctors were watching me very closely. My OB started researching pediatricians who specialized in premature babies, just as a precaution.  My MFM advised me not to leave the area unless it was an emergency.

Now I’m 37 weeks, according to LMP. I’ll find out how big Yoda bear is and if he’s still measuring ahead.

Just crazy. I think I’ll celebrate today’s accomplishment with some lemonade and tomorrow’s achievement with a nice, cold glass of cranberry juice.


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