Could You Be Loved

I’ve been introducing Yoda to a lot of different genres. I’ve been on a Public Enemy and Wu-Tang Clan kick as of late, much to the chagrin to M. It’s not like he doesn’t like both groups, because he does. He just thinks I’m encouraging our son to Fight the Power and he’s not outside the womb yet. I have been playing a lot of Michael Jackson and The Roots and that seems to calm him down so maybe M has a point.

I mentioned before I was going to start posting things we had purchased for Yoda and making reviews on them. Well, I’m not sure about the review part since again, he’s not here yet. But I can at least show you what we have for him.

M picked out a onesie he wanted for Yoda. He actually picked out a few but one that represented us. I picked out another. Here they are:

photo (32)

To purchase, click on the link.

M. picked out the one on the right while I picked out the one on the left. We’re thinking the one on the right will be the ‘go home from the hospital’ outfit.

And of course, we had to give Yoda a little something. Me thinks he’s going to be called Yoda for a long while.

photo (33)To purchase, click the picture.

This kid is so ridiculously spoiled, it’s not even funny.


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