Say My Name

As you may already know, we’re having a boy. We nicknamed him Yoda due to the Star Wars theme we’re doing for his nursery (which I quickly need to get started on). We have a list of boy names and to be honest, we really don’t know which one is the winner. We had a list of names with Ethan (though I was determined to name him Jordan) and well, he ended up looking like an Ethan.

Nevertheless, here is the list of names:

Jordan Nikolai

Jordan Aleksandr

Jordan Mikhail

Donovan Aleksandr

Donovan Mikhail

Martin Aleksandr

Colin Mikhail

Alexander Mikhail

We decided to do American first name with Russian middle name to honor both of his heritage roots. I didn’t want to give him a name that would make it difficult for him to get a job but I also didn’t want him not to have something that acknowledges his Russian-Ukrainian roots. My personal favorites are Jordan Aleksandr and Alexander Mikhail. I don’t think M has a personal favorite yet. We were thinking of having Yoda share the same middle name as Ethan (Michael) and the Russian equivalent of his name is Mikhail. We still have time. We decided we won’t name until we actually see him at birth. It’s just easier that way.

Naming a baby is such serious business.


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